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  • Hans Rieuwers
    The Chamber of Secrets One of the most overwhelming pieces of evidence that Harry Potter is NOT occult, is the defeat of the basilisk in the Chamber of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2004
      The Chamber of Secrets
      One of the most overwhelming pieces of evidence that
      Harry Potter is NOT occult, is the defeat of the
      basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.

      We all have this chamber, for it is the plexus
      sacralis (=sacred) at the bottom of the spine. This
      chamber certainly has a powerful and magic serpent,
      namely the kundalini, the root-force of our existence
      as fallen, mortal human beings. This serpent is
      extremely ancient, and was put in the "castle", i.e.
      our microcosm, from the beginning of its sojourn in
      this universe of time and space. The root-force it
      represents contains our entire karma, and links us to
      world-karma. It also contains our sexual force.

      It is possible through occult exercises, which require
      extreme concentration, unyielding will-power and
      fearless dedication, to drive this force up along the
      spinal column. On its way up it will influence the
      chakras. It can rise up right into the crown chakra,
      linked to the pineal gland. If this succeeds, the
      person is linked directly to the root-force of the
      cosmos, i.e. the central astral fire of our earth.
      This fire is called Lucifer. It is obvious that
      Salazar Slytherin personifies this force. The result
      of such a unification with Lucifer is that the
      successful occultist achieves immense occult powers.
      He has the sort of powers that are ascribed to
      Voldemort, for example legilimens and occlumency.
      There are also clairvoyance, clairaudience, and a
      willpower that bears no resistance (except Harry's!).
      But the greatest achievement of all is that the
      occultist is for the time being detached from the
      wheel of reincarnation. This is another reason why
      Voldemort keeps talking about immortality.

      Such a course of development leads into the exact
      opposite direction to the one leading to Christ. In
      addition it is extremely dangerous and perhaps one
      occultist in ten thousand succeeds. Failure can have
      extremely unpleasant circumstances lasting for several
      incarnations, for example uncontrollable erotic
      desires. However the essential thing is that it
      crystallises the personality as far as its
      susceptibility to the divine call emanating from God
      is concerned. It "kills" Lily and James and therefore
      any chance of Harry being born. And as it rises up the
      spinal column it spreads crystallisation and death as
      far as the liberating possibilities are concerned. In
      fact the uppermost chakra, the "crown chakra" is
      closed off to any possibility of liberation. The Gate
      of Saturn is closed.

      What does our hero Harry do? He comes down the spinal
      column (Jo calls it "pipes") for a totally selfless
      purpose*. Tom Riddle, personifying the Luciferic force
      in the plexus sacralis, sets the giant serpent on to
      Harry, who demonstrates his loyalty to Dumbledore.
      This invokes the phoenix who pecks out the basilisk's
      eyes and gives Harry the sword of Godric. Harry kills
      the basilisk and then destroys Tom Riddle. The phoenix
      takes Harry back up the pipes.

      This is a very accurate description of the triumph of
      the new soul over the old serpent of karma and the
      power of Lucifer. Once the new soul has reached a
      certain stage of maturity, it comes comes down the
      spinal column, by means of the sympathetic nerve,
      affecting the chakras as it goes down. This process
      takes many years. But if the apprentice alchemist
      persists in his devotion to the new soul, it will
      reach the sacral plexus and there will face the heir
      of Lucifer and the ancient serpent of the kundalini.

      There is no will power needed in this, as in
      occultism. What is needed here is total devotion to
      the new soul-force which was born out of the little
      Tao in the heart. Total loyalty must be shown to the
      power of liberation. Then the force of the
      resurrection (the phoenix) will destroy the lethal
      power of the kundalini and give the soul the sword of
      Christ (Godric - "Rich in Godliness"). The soul will
      then engage in a life and death struggle with the
      serpent of the kundalini. But the result is a foregone
      conclusion. The new soul is certain to win, as it is a
      force from another universe, the universe where God's
      will rules.

      And so there comes a moment in the life of the
      apprentice alchemist when he becomes a fully qualified
      alchemist. The ancient serpent is dead. The alchemist
      has broken all fetters with the past. His karma no
      longer rules his life. His links to world-karma are
      cut off and the representative of Lucifer is gone.

      The severing of the fetters of karma means the total
      forgiveness of sins. All the mistakes of the past are
      forgiven. This is what the New Testament means by

      The new soul-force then flows upwards along the
      sympathetic nervous cord and reaches the pineal centre
      (Dumbledore's office), where the enlightenment takes
      place. In the New Testament that's called the descent
      of the Holy Spirit. Jacob Boehme called it the
      light-birth of God. The New Testament also describes
      this in the Transfiguration of Christ.

      What a ruddy super genius Jo is to be able to
      incorporate these esoteric facts into an exciting
      story that a child of 5 can understand. I see Isabel
      Allende has said that Jo deserves the Nobel Prize for
      Literature. Hear, hear! But more than that she
      deserves the Peace Prize. For she is bringing to
      humanity the ancient alchemical way to reach
      everlasting peace, the peace that surpasses all

      *Tao Te Ching Chapter 2:
      "Through selfless action, he attains fulfilment."


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