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Last book Impressions

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  • Andre Froes
    Hi there guys. I had some time to write and took the chance... The first thing I thought when I finished reading book six was: How is JKR going to finish the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2007
      Hi there guys.
      I had some time to write and took the chance...
      The first thing I thought when I finished reading book six was: How is JKR going to finish the story? I felt that Harry was really not prepared to face the mission Dumbledore had left him. Would he win by "luck" again?
      In the beginning of book seven I felt the same thing.  He escaped Voldemort, and the ministry, not because he was prepared, but by some kind of luck. Harry was always very brave, of course, but there was something missing yet. In the camping scenes we were in a dead-end. As said in some older posts here, we were led into despair... How things are going to end now?
      Finally, after Dobby's death, he looked able to choose, plan, and even act by himself now. He knew what he was going to do, without being in the shade of Hermione, as always. Finally I could feel him getting ready.
      Things begin to work out, and later we are in the pensieve. Harry discovers that death is the only path for him. He is alone, no friends to help him now. He faces death. He finally comprehends everything, and this comprehension comes from inside. Harry faces the King's Cross and Dumbledore inside his own mind. He has the possibility to return. He returns.
      Harry faces Voldemort without fear, because now he knows. He knows Voldemort perfectly. He tries to explain Voldemort to Voldemort, but Voldemort destroys himself. It's over, and there was no luck involved.
      I have never expected this book to be so good. Ending was really good. I always believed in the theory discussed there in HPFS, and Harry's sacrifice, that we always expected, was just perfect. He has not physically died, did not have to kill Voldemord himself(I totally agree with Hans in that point), has reached unification with the divine wisdom inside his own mind, with the spirit. I really loved his talk with Voldemort before the Expelliarmus. I could imagine everyone silent, not even breathing, looking at them both, walking in circles, talking. The whole microcosm silent, watching the final fight of the new soul, unified with the spirit, against the old Higher Self.
      From my expectations for the book, compared with what happened:
      I really hoped that harry would not die. I didn't want to see him coming back to life after a real death also. JKR was always very clear that there was no coming back from death, unless you became a ghost. It would be inconsistent with the story she had constructed. I didn't want also to see the ghosts of the old dead parents and friends coming back and appearing everywhere. When they appeared, like in the walk in the florest, it was very clear for me that they were memories that were inside harry, not really ghosts. The same for Dumbledore's appearance. For me they are old counciousness states, that already passed, with no coming back. I'm really happy because of that.
      I wanted to see Harry and Draco fighting side by side, not because they became friends, but by absolute necessity. But I think it is right to be the way it was, the old personality must be overcomed, completly.
      I wanted also the phoenix, the hat and the sword to play a vital role in the last fight. Indeed at least the sword and the hat appeared, but... It was better then I expected. The shield, the helmet and the sword I wanted appeared as the deathly hallows. It's very clear. He could not use the old weapons, that served him long ago, in childhood. Now he, the true master over death, has a glorious set of weapons, the deathly hallows.
      I didn't have time to read all of the posts of the last days, so sorry if I missed something important...
      André Fróes
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