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Harry (9)

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  • Hans Rieuwers
    Harry s second year illustrates the new soul s liberation from the etheric plane of the time-spatial universe. The etheric plane is next to the physical plane,
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      Harry's second year illustrates the new soul's
      liberation from the etheric plane of the time-spatial

      The etheric plane is next to the physical plane, and
      is in a sense part of it, for it gives life to
      physical bodies. All living organisms have an etheric
      field or aura, and some people can see this. Our
      etheric body penetrates our physical body and is
      slightly larger. It regulates our health and
      facilitates things like metabolism, sexual
      reproduction, sensory perception, and the working of
      the nervous system and the brain. The etheric body is
      made up of etheric atoms which actually fit inside the
      physical atoms. It therefore follows our physical body
      wherever it goes, and in a sense is the "slave" of the
      physical body.

      There are many organisms which have an etheric body
      but not a physical body, and so are invisible to most
      people. However very young children and some animals
      can see them. Their existence was known long ago and
      many legends and myths name them. These include
      fairies, elves, gnomes, undines, salamanders, nymphs,
      sylphs etc. These creatures often work with nature in
      developing growth of trees etc.

      We are introduced to one of these creatures right at
      the beginning of book 2. Dobby is a "house elf" who
      warns Harry that some one is about to wreak havoc at
      school. Whenever liberating stories contain mention of
      etheric creatures, the author is drawing our attention
      to the etheric plane. So right away we know "Harry
      Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" takes place on that
      plane. When Harry stays at the Weasleys' house he
      meets another type of etheric creature - the garden
      gnome. Harry's first lesson in Defence against the
      Dark Arts is to learn to control a group of etheric
      creatures, this time pixies. As we know Hermione is
      the one who is able to do this.

      Harry meets Dobby throughout the book and near the end
      learns that he is the slave of a servant of Voldemort,
      namely Lucius Malfoy. If we look at the symbolism as I
      have explained it so far, we know that Harry is the
      new soul born in the seeker in whom the lily and the
      stag have united, while Voldemort is the higher self,
      which I have also called the microcosmic or permanent
      self. When the soul is born, this permanent self is
      weakened considerably. If Jo tells us that Lucius
      Malfoy is a servant of Voldemort, we can deduce from
      this that Malfoy is a force within the human being
      which represents the higher self. In other words, it's
      the lower self, the physical self. In my opinion Dobby
      personifies the etheric body of the alchemist who is
      undergoing the process of liberation. I don't know if
      it's a coincidence, but if we reverse the consonants
      in "Dobby" we get "Bbody". As I said above, the
      etheric body is the "slave" of the physical body. It
      follows it wherever it goes, looks after it, and helps
      it in all its functions. This is exactly what Dobby
      does for Malfoy - until Harry changes things. By a
      brilliant act of quick witted intelligence and
      compassion for Dobby, Harry frees Dobby (how I love
      Harry). This, friends, believe it or not, is exactly
      what the new soul does for the etheric body at a
      certain stage of the alchemical transmutation. The new
      soul actually lives in the etheric body and at a
      certain point the etheric body is freed from the
      physical body. It is no longer its "slave" as it were
      but can move independently. And just as Dobby does
      some very useful things in the later books, so the
      etheric body is extremely helpful to the new soul.

      You may have heard mention of wonderful vestures worn
      by heroes in some fairy tales and legends. We hear
      especially about golden wedding vestures, and in the
      "Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross" the
      candidates for the wedding are constantly putting on
      new raiments. These clothes usually refer to the
      various invisible bodies. When the alchemist has a new
      soul that has been able to take the Philosopher's
      Stone out of the mirror, his etheric vesture or aura
      will begin to radiate a brilliant golden light - hence
      the term golden wedding vesture. I wonder if this will
      be mentioned in book 7 in some way.

      I hope some of you would like to comment on or ask
      questions about the above.


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