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  • Hans Rieuwers
    The second trial Harry and his friends face is the vicious killer plant, Devil s Snare . Before they re aware of it they are ensnared by a plant with long,
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      The second trial Harry and his friends face is the
      vicious killer plant, "Devil's Snare". Before they're
      aware of it they are ensnared by a plant with long,
      snake-like tendrils. We know from book 5 that a person
      can easily be strangled by this plant. The more they
      struggle against the creepers the tighter their hold.
      The children figure out that what's needed is to stay
      calm and think clearly. Hermione remembers that this
      plant hates light, so she lights a fire. The plant
      recedes and the children are free.

      I think what this can teach us is that the apprentice
      alchemist needs to give the process of liberation his
      whole, undivided attention so that he can stay calm
      and figure out what to do. The candidate for
      liberation is always in danger of being overwhelmed by
      his emotions. Strong emotions are not conducive to
      going the Path because then the candidate loses
      control. They can do harm to the new soul if the
      candidate allows himself to be carried away by them.
      The Path is extremely beautiful, and sometimes one can
      be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of it, but as
      soon as one loses control of one's emotions they tend
      to strangle the new soul. The heart of the candidate
      can be filled with great joy and love for others
      without being carried away by sentimentality, or by
      being moved to tears. The candidate must control
      himself and turn to the light of reason so as not to
      lose touch with reality, and he must focus on the aim
      of the Path.

      The third trial is to open a locked door. The key is
      present, but it's got wings and is flying high up near
      the ceiling among hundreds of other keys.

      It's important to see in each trial which of the three
      children solves the problem. If it's Hermione, it's
      the mind of the candidate which solves the problem. If
      it's Ron, it's the old, earthly personality, and if
      it's Harry it's the new, immortal soul.

      In the case of Cerberus, it was Harry, and therefore
      the new soul, who played the flute - the harmonious
      vibrations of the pure soul. In the case of Devil's
      snare it was Hermione, and therefore the mind, but she
      was helped by Ron.

      In the case of the flying keys it's Harry again. He is
      an extremely good flier and can see things others
      can't. His excellent flying obviously symbolises the
      height of his aspirations. The new soul can fly to
      great spiritual heights. It also has an extremely keen
      faculty of discrimination. And so we see that no door
      can be locked against the new soul. It can open all
      doors and overcome all barriers. Go, Harry!


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