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Betrayal, Death, and the Phoenix

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  • Hans Andréa
    My dear Friends, I want to tell you about a wonderful conversation I had with colleagues at afternoon tea time today. One of them, not a Harry Potter fan,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2005
      My dear Friends,
      I want to tell you about a wonderful conversation I had with colleagues at afternoon tea time today.
      One of them, not a Harry Potter fan, asked me why people were making so much fuss about Dumbledore's death. He said he had read newspaper articles about people being shocked and upset about it. He couldn't see why.
      I explained to him that Dumbledore was an extremely kind, courteous and mild tempered person, a wonderful example for any human being. I said that Harry had lost all the people he regarded as guides or mentors and that he would now have to continue his quest alone. I also mentioned how the typical hero's journey involved the hero doing the last leg of the journey totally on his own resources and by what he'd learned from his mentors.
      Then I mentioned that Dumbledore's death is not a real death. I said, "During the cremation a phoenix flew up from the flames". Then to my astonishment I heard myself say, "The same thing happened in The Alchemical Wedding. There was a mock funeral there with a phoenix." This startling parallel between these two stories only hit me just then. I must have known it unconsciously!
      You can read about this mock funeral on the fifth day. The six monarchs have been decapitated and their bodies taken across the sea to the island on which the Tower of Olympus stands. However only Christian knows this and  everyone else thinks the six coffins contain the royal bodies (plus a box for the executioner's head). Mournful music is played. But above the coffins flies a flag with phoenix on it! This emphasises the fact that this is not a real funeral, because there has been no real death. We know that at the end of the alchemical wedding there is a glorious resurrection.
      I feel this is also the message of Harry Potter. I know I sound like a cracked record, but this to me is a wonderful confirmation that Harry Potter and The Alchemical Wedding bring the same message.
      I'm not suggesting that Dumbledore as a physical person didn't die. Obviously his body is gone, but his spirit is a phoenix, the symbol of the resurrection. To me Dumbledore's death means Harry has reached the stage where he is autonomous. In a month he will be 17, an adult in the magical world.
      I mentioned to my colleagues that I have a problem understanding the symbolism of betrayal. One of them mentioned that he once translated a book called "Feathered Serpent". There it is said that all of Christ's 12 disciples symbolise aspects of Christ Himself! And that includes Judas. That's quite startling isn't it? Judas an aspect of Christ! My colleagues agreed that Judas "betrayed" Christ after being asked by Christ to do it. Wow! That's what many people on HPfGU are saying about Snape. There's certainly a lot of evidence for that.
      Another colleague said, "Well, somebody had to do it! Somebody had to cause Christ's death." Another very startling thought, but rather logical, don't you think? Christ HAD to be crucified. That was the plan. For us to reach liberation, the Inner Christ in us has to die too. This is because the pure, immaculate, holy power of God that enters our microcosm and builds the new soul, completely sacrifices itself to the human being of the fallen universe. There is a twofold death to achieve liberation: the death of the earthly personality - John the Baptist, and the death of the inner Christ, the healing holy power of liberation. Only after that death is there a  complete resurrection: that of the eternal, immortal and divine child of God.
      I hope this isn't above your heads. It's an area of immense power and beauty, but I believe this is where Jo is taking us in Part 6. Yes, Valky, I agree. The beauty of Part 7 will be incomparable.

      "If I talk too freely about whether I believe in God I think the intelligent reader, whether 10 or 60, will be able to guess what's coming in the books." JK Rowling
      Hans Andréa

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