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Selling 1958 Fender Tweed

I have a 1958 Fender tweed. The cover is tore up and the speaker is not the original (though it is a matched 4 ohm) The tone is AMAZING for harp Selling for
Mar 23

Huntersounds for Korg Pandora Stomp and Fender Mustang

Now that the Huntersounds Zoom G3 patchset is up and running, I'm expanding the line further with upcoming sets for the Fender Mustang series and the Korg
Richard Hunter
Mar 22

Mississippi Queen

Hi all, I recorded a performance of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" in my living room last week. The vocals and lead harp (coming through a "slide guitar"
Richard Hunter
Mar 12

New email address

Should you need to contact me, I have a new email address: bigguy2245@... Thank you, Vince Vilardo
Vincent Vilardo
Mar 3

File - guidelines.txt

To all List Members, Here are a few guidelines for your posting on this mailing list that will make your postings easier to read and follow for all list
Mar 1

File - harptalkhelp.txt

GROUP DESCRIPTION ... You are subscribed to the HarpTalk discussion group because you signed up or requested a subscription. We do not add members without
Mar 1

A few combs available

I've got a few of the fantasy marble combs that I made the material for still on hand, and a good number of corian combs left. I also have 2 270 corian combs.
Chris Reynolds
Feb 27

Re: ques on blues in the DC/NOVA area?

FREE BLUES JAM/OPEN MIC/TALENT SHOW “…whatever music you want to pursue, few things are better for your progress than surrounding yourself with like-minded
van caldwell
Feb 23

Re: ques on blues in the DC/NOVA area?

Thursday night at the Zoo Bar in DC would be a great place to start. Harmonica-led blues jam, get there and put your name down early, or you might still be
Feb 23

Re: ques on blues in the DC/NOVA area?

You may want to start looking here: http://dcbu.org/jams.htm M. On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 7:58 AM, 'lauri Dubia' ladsa@... [harptalk] ... You may want to
Marc Carrion
Feb 19

ques on blues in the DC/NOVA area?

What is the live music scene like in DC? Are there any good blues jams? Best wishes, Tomlin Can anyone answer this? As Tomlin is from the UK & I would hate to
lauri Dubia
Feb 19

Corian diatonic and 270 combs are done

I listed all of the corian combs that I've got completed and ready to ship. Combs available include MBD, Promaster, SP20, 1847, MS, and 270.
Chris Reynolds
Feb 13

Re: Harmonica instructors in DC or NoVA

Thanks Bill, I'll contact Jack and Sais. Mert, I like distance learning, but face to face is much easier. If we were closer I'm sure you would be a great
Marc Carrion
Feb 12

Re: Harmonica instructors in DC or NoVA

mert, that's a great shooter you have there! keep teachin' anyone who wants to learn. bp On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 'MERTON B BAKER'
bill price
Feb 11

Re: Harmonica instructors in DC or NoVA

I'm a long way from Va., & DC, but I teach harmonica to anyone who wants to learn. I donated my Daisy Red Ryder 1000 shot repeater that did nothing but shoot
Feb 11
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