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A rough translation. Please share with neighbors who are away

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  • Chaim Dovid & Penny
    BS D December 23, 2009 Dear Residents, Merchants, and Heads of Institutions, Shalom and blessings! Subject: Renewal of Parking Licenses for Parking Clients of
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      December 23, 2009
      Dear Residents, Merchants, and Heads of Institutions,
      Shalom and blessings!
      Subject: Renewal of Parking Licenses for Parking Clients of the Jewish Quarter Parking Lot for the Year 2010
      The Hevrah in cooperation with the representatives of the residents and the merchants' committee has put together a new plan for parking arrangements in the lots of the Quarter. In this framework there is soon to be an electric "smart system" in the lots which will ease entrance and carry out supervision of those entering and exiting the lots. Entrance will be permitted only of cars which have been approved by the system via camera identity, and we intend to distribute soon an explanatory booklet that details the system and its functions.
      We wish to emphasize that entrance to the lot will be allowed only to those whose car was put into the computer data base. Therefore those who do not come to arrange the renewal of "the stickers" of the system will not be permitted entrance to park, a matter which will certainly cause anguish, extra burden to clarify, etc. Therefore, we request to make aware and warn that one must arrive at the determined time to arrange for a new sticker!!!! 
      Parking Sticker
      The right to a parking sticker will be according to the guidelines and criteria determined to the possessor of the car that is registered on his/her name.
      Those who possess an old sticker and no changes in the details have changed (phone number. ownership, address) have the right to a sticker for the year 5770 without needing to present documents again. Yet, the sticker is given with presentation of an identifying document and valid car license.
      One whose details have changed will need to present the following documents (legibly photo-copied)):
      Merchants: valid rental contract for at least 6 months and signee by the renter and rentee and in which their ID numbers are detailed.
      Requestor's ID with Rova address, including complete photo copy of the appendages of the ID.
      Requestors valid driver's license
      Requestor's car license registered in their name
      Those whose cars belong to their employers will present signed, official documents from the work place that certify that the car is used solely by the requestor all year long, 24 hours a day.
      The documents are to be served to the department of parking in the office of the Hevra, Company for Development of the Rova, the Rothschild House, Batei Machaseh, 2nd floor, to Shani Zaguri
      Distribution of stickers:
      (By family name in alphabetical order)
      Sunday January 10     Aleph-Beit
      Monday             11    Gimmel-Het
      Tuesday            12    Teit-Samech
      Wednesday       13    Ayin-Tuf
      Thursday           14 Institutions/Businesses+ Residents who didn't make it
      The schedule is crowded and you are asked to cooperate and stick to this.
      Reception hours at the hevrah: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-16:00.
      Phone: 6265909
      Do not send these documents by fax.
      We anticipate effective and fruitful cooperation for the success of all.
      Nissim Arazi
      Request Form-Parking Sticker 2010/5770-5771
      -first degree relative: son/daughter, father/mother, son/daughter-in-law
      -business owner
      Personal details
      Institutions and Business:
      Car Details:
      Car/License #:
      I possess stickers from 5768-9 Yes/No
      Sticker number:
      General Information and Obligation:
      It is known to me that all the new parking regulations include no double parking are for the benefit of all.
      With that, in the event of crowding and according to instructions of the attendant, double parking will be allowed in limited area and this only if the key is left with the attendant in order that it be moved if necessary.
      The sticker is individual and not to be transferred. I commit to not transfer/sell/loan/copy the sticker to another and/or another car without receiving the permission of the office for parking management of the Rova.
      I commit to report to the office if the sticker is stolen/lost/damaged.
      I declare that all the details I gave in this form are correct and exact.
      Parking cars or entrance inside the Rova will not be permitted, except for handicapped after a check of rights.
      Name of requestor:
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      Can anyone translate the letter we all received tonight?







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