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[harmonic]additional April 2006 conferences

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  • Galia Dafni
    Hi Cristina, Thank you for the announcement. I regret that I will not be able to attend as there are two analysis-related activities at the CRM in Montreal at
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2006
      Hi Cristina,

      Thank you for the announcement. I regret that
      I will not be able to attend as there are two
      analysis-related activities at the CRM in Montreal
      at the beginning of April. I include the announcements
      below for the benefit of the newsgroup.

      Best regards,



      CRM-Clay School on Additive Combinatorics

      March 30 – April 5, 2006
      Centre de recherches mathématiques

      Organizers: Jozsef Solymosi (UBC), Andrew Granville (Montréal) and David
      Ellwood (Clay)

      Additive combinatorics is one of the most exciting areas in mathematics today,
      involving ideas from number theory, harmonic and functional analysis, ergodic
      theory, combinatorics, probability theory and discrete geometry. The school
      will give the background in these areas to help the students begin to
      appreciate some of the recent spectacular theorems, such as the result of Green

      and Tao that there are infinitely many k-term arithmetic progressions of primes

      and Bourgain's bounds on exponential sums.

      This school is intended to give to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and
      junior faculty an opportunity to participate in these new developments.

      The School is supported by CRM, NSERC, NSF, FQRNT, the Clay Foundation and


      Additive Combinatorics

      April 6 – 12, 2006
      Centre de recherches mathématiques

      Organizers: Jozsef Solymosi (UBC) and Andrew Granville (Montréal)
      One of the most exciting areas in analysis today is the rapidly emerging new
      topic of additive combinatorics. Building on Gowers' use of the Freiman-Ruzsa
      structure theorem in harmonic analysis (in particular, in his proof of
      Szemeredi's theorem), Green and Tao famously proved that there are arbitrarily
      long arithmetic progressions of primes, and Bourgain has given non-trivial
      estimates for hitherto untouchably short exponential sums. This new area
      involves harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, discrete geometry, combinatorics,
      probability theory and number theory. This conference will include an eclectic
      mix of participants, among them most of the key players in the field who will
      present the new directions and developments, such as J. Bourgain (IAS,
      Princeton), T. Gowers (Cambridge), B. Green (Bristol), I. Ruzsa (Alfred Renyi
      Institute) and T. Tao. This workshop will immediately follow the CRM-Clay
      School on Additive Combinatorics.

      This workshop has been subsidized by NSERC, FQRNT, NATO, NSF and CRM.


      Quoting Cristina Pereyra <crisp@...>:

      > ***********
      > Seventh New Mexico Analysis Seminar (Sponsored by NSF)
      > April 6-8, 2006
      > University of New Mexico
      > Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
      > Main Speaker
      > Tatiana Toro (University of Washington)
      > Lectures on "Geometric measure theory as a tool in free
      > boundary regularity problems"
      > Information
      > This seminar is organized each Spring by analysts
      > at New Mexico State University and The University of New
      > Mexico. The goal is to provide an opportunity for scientific exchange
      > and cooperation among broadly defined analysts. The centerpiece of the
      > seminar is a series of one-hour lectures given by a keynote
      > speaker. There is time allocated for shorter contributed talks,
      > If you would like to attend and give a talk, please contact
      > one of the organizers by February 28th, 2006. Doctoral students and
      > recent Ph.D.s are specially encouraged to apply.
      > The registration form can be found at:
      > http://www.math.unm.edu/colloquia/forms/analysis.php
      > The seminar is being sponsored by NSF. We will provide travel stipends
      > for qualified graduate students. We intend to pay, at least partially,
      > shared accommodations for all participants, and if there are funds left,
      > we will reimburse some travel expenses to those participants who have no
      > other sources of funding (priority given to speakers and junior
      > participants).
      > Information about the conference will be posted at:
      > http://www.math.unm.edu/colloquia/analysis_seminar.php
      > Organizers: Tiziana Giorgi (tgiorgi@...), Joseph Lakey
      > (jlakey@...), Cristina Pereyra (crisp@...),
      > Adam Sikora (asikora@...), Robert Smits (rsmits@...).
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