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Bob Gusikoff and The Beatles

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  • Tandy Goldberg
    Dear Hardbat friends and UFO s, He [Brian Epstein]really did have a a vision. THE BEATLES: AN ORAL HISTORY Like Mr. Epstein, Bob had (and still does) a vision
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2002
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      Dear Hardbat friends and UFO's,

      He [Brian Epstein]really did have a
      a vision.

      Like Mr. Epstein, Bob had (and still does) a vision
      for our Game.

      Too distract myself, I have been reading up on Rock
      and Roll history. The history of The Beatles has
      given me many ideas on promoting.

      The venal forces that controlled Rock and Roll around
      1958 might be analogous to the material forces (the
      sponge manufactures and the petite bourgeoise who sell
      their products) that control our Game.

      Brian Epstein introduced George Martin to the Beatles.

      Around October 1962, George Martin (The Beatles
      record producer, considered by many the 5th Beatle)
      told the EMI executives in England about the Beatles
      they thought he'd was coming up with another of his
      Goon jokes. They thought that he was coming up with
      another comedy record, and he was just spoofing about
      it. Then when he played The Beatles music to them,
      they thought he had gone slightly mad. NOBODY
      BELIEVED IN IT AT ALL. He had to really fight within
      his own company to get their first album promoted.

      The American market was only conquered when the public
      was able to hear and see The Beatles. The record
      companies around 1958 were only interested in
      propagating the bland cotton-candy music: Bob this
      and Bobby that. The wanted nothing to do with The
      Beatles because America was the "fountainhead of Rock
      and Roll." Only when the people were allowed to hear
      The Beatles was the music world changed forever.

      From my first contact with Bob at his celebrity-haunt
      table tennis club in 1976, he has never been afraid to
      speak his mind on our Game, even though it offended
      some of the overly sensitive people who control our
      Game. He's always thought that the technological
      advance of the sponge ruined our game.

      The best forum for promoting the Classic Hardbat game
      might be
      to get our senior champions (Messes. Schift, Reisman,
      Miles, Belloc, etc.) involved in promoting a benefit
      tournament for Bob (or any other senior in need of
      assistance). Helping our senior players might be the
      best forum for getting our game into the media.

      Wolves and dolphins support their seniors in
      trouble, we HB players can do the same and change the
      table tennis world. Hardbat International cares.

      Thank you for helping Bob in his time of need.

      Yours in Hardbat,

      Ed Ball
      Chief Instructor
      Hardbat International

      Hardbat International

      Anyone who would like to write/send a donation ($5,
      okay), please send your it Mr. Bob Gusikoff, %Table
      Tennis, P.O. Box 207, Santa Monica, CA 90406.

      --- jgrinnel <jgrinnel@...> wrote:
      > I received a Thank You note from Bobby yesterday...
      > He said he appreciated the help and kindness...and
      > that the check was
      > "a big help".
      > I think we can all be proud of ourselves.
      > JTE

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