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  • Tandy Goldberg
    [submitted to Yahoo Hardbat Groups] Hey, guys. Charlatang here, How is Mrs Reisman doing? Wouldn t it be the manful thing to do to have some kind of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2013
      [submitted to Yahoo Hardbat Groups] 

      Hey, guys.  Charlatang here, 

      How is Mrs Reisman doing?  

      Wouldn't  it be  the manful thing to do to have some kind of fundraiser for her at the Marty Reisman LA Spin  celebration, March 17?

      I heard there is  going to be a  "Dirty Dozen" Liha round robbin.   

      If so, I think that Mr Johnard Baldonado and Ms Jane Chui and Ms Tawny Banh should be a  made special guests.  It was so egregious their being passed over by the spincentrics who put the first  $100,000 World Championship of Ping Pong sham together.  

      Of course,  Trevor and Adoni are in. 

      I mean,  we could have round-robbin Liha  eliminations at USA VALLEY TABLE TENNIS, at that virtuoso pianist's Haunted Castle, or other Liha friendly clubs before the March 17 celebration to see who fills the other 7-8  slots.  Charge a $25 entry fee and have it go to Mrs. Reisman. Moneyed people will climb on board. 

      Anything done with love has a calming effect, guys. 

      Mr Reisman, wherever he is now, will be happy if we pull this off.

      Miss you. Love you, Mr Reisman. 

      Charlatang, over and out! 


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