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Re: [HS] Switching to a Pocket PC

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  • S.M.Sabri S.M.Ismail
    From: Barb Szyszkiewicz ... Glad to hear you solved it. Ah yes, microSD is so tiny, that if it doesn t come with a SD adapter to slot
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 1 1:16 AM
      From: "Barb Szyszkiewicz" <cookbookmom@...>
      > I was able to purchase a 1 GB MicroSD card which is what I needed for the
      > new PPC. My old Palm took a regular SD card. The new card game with an
      > adapter, so I plugged it into the adapter and then into the old Palm, put
      > the databases onto the card, popped it into the new PPC and BINGO-all my
      > stuff was there, ready to go.
      > (I can't believe how tiny that little card is!)

      Glad to hear you solved it.

      Ah yes, microSD is so tiny, that if it doesn't come with a SD adapter to slot
      into, I don't think you'd want to put it into a wallet or pocket. My first 1GB
      MicroSD came with an SD adapter.

      Recently, I purchased my second 1GB MicroSD that came with an almost as tiny
      USB adapter. Yep, the USB adapter is hardly much bigger than the microSD

      So now I can have that MicroSD/SD adapter in my wallet, and that MicroSD/USB
      adapter on my keychain, and find myself equipped to transfer data via MicroSD
      (and adapters) to/from my Dopod 838pro to many gadgets and PCs.

      Back on thread topic. I keep copies of HS3 CAB files on my MicroSD for easy
      transfer/installation for friends who admired my HS3 databases (on interesting
      URLs, PDAPhones, PC/Notebooks local prices) and wanted to use it on their PPC.

      Sometimes I used IR to beam the CAB/PDB across. I never managed to use BT to
      share the CAB/PDB across. The most full proof way for me, was transferring via
      MicroSD/SD. ;-)

      > Of S.M.Sabri S.M.Ismail
      >> SD to MicroSD? or SD to MiniSD? I use a MicroSD/SD adapter,
      >> where an MicroSD acts as an SD card. There's similar for MiniSD.

      regards, sabre23t =^.^=
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