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1Grandmothers Flower Garden

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  • Cheryl
    Jul 26, 2007

      The project that I am currently working on is the Grandmothers Flower Garden that I have posted as our group picture.  As you will notice I am not assembling this quilt top in the traditional pastels that they would have used back in the 1930's when this quilt was popular.  I also am not paper piecing the quilt together as my great grandmother did one that she made back then.  Nor am I assembling the top in the tradiional strips that they did then either.  Due to the plastic templates, it is easiest to assemble this quilt top in rows across the quilt.  That way I pull out the templates of the last row I just finished sewing together.

      I had my husband create a die that I could use to punch templates out of ice cream bucket lids.  Once the templates were cut then I would take a paper punch to make a hole in the center of the template for removal once I had the piece assembled into the top of the quilt. 

      I made a paper pattern 1/4" bigger than the plastic templates for cutting the fabric.  My fabrics I chose were because of the colors and design of my bedroom.  Once this quilt is finished, it will fit on my queen-size bed perfectly.

      Please let us know what you are working on, and if you have modernized any of the techniques to make quilting easier for you.  Share any ideas that you might have with us all.  Welcome to the group.  Cheryl