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  • Iona Hoeppner
    THE BEST NEWS FIRST: We ve found Sonja, our ward who was missing (again) and she s back in the treatment center. Thanks so much for your prayers. God does hear
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 1999
      We've found Sonja, our ward who was missing (again) and she's back in
      the treatment center. Thanks so much for your prayers. God does hear and
      answer prayer - He is sooo GOOD!

      Handmaidens has two new staff writers! Crystal Owings is the staff
      writer for the Home section and has done a must read article on Y2K from
      a Christian perspective. See it at:

      Teri Underwood is our new staff writer for the Christian Issues section.
      She's the co-founder of Run With the Vision ( http://ionanet.com/vision
      ) a ministry with a new website you're sure to enjoy. Don't miss Teri's
      work, Pressing On! at http://ionanet.com/women/299/christ.htm

      Do you love to write? Would you be interested in becoming a Handmaidens
      staff writer? If so, contact women@... for details. Or maybe you
      don't want to do an article each month... then please consider
      submitting as a freelancer.



      Extra: Urgent: Two Special Alerts About Your Health Please! If you don't
      read any other articles, read these!

      Christian: Pressing On!
      Meet our new staff writer Teri Underwood and enjoy her excellent and
      inspiring work.

      Comedy: The ultimate virus and Y2K jokes that will crack you up!

      Essays, Etc.: Winning & Does God Still Speak to Us?
      Two great pieces to uplift and inspire.

      Education: Advice for College Grads We Can All Use
      This 1998 MIT commencement address could apply to all of us.

      Poetry/Art: Expressions of Joy
      Enjoy the rare art form of stippling beautifully rendered by Shannon

      Parenting: Changing Views on Family Size
      Large family? Small family? No kids at all? Who's affair is it? Plus
      some great heartwarming stuff every parent will love.

      Home: Y2K - What's the Big Deal?
      Common sense and a Christian point of view combined in the most
      informative article we've seen on Y2K. A must read!

      Marriage: Living on Alone
      Prepare now for when your life's love has gone on to a new life in

      Sites: Christian Sites to See
      Each month we feature a few great sites. Visit Resources for more links
      for Christian women

      Stewardship: No Article This Month
      A family emergency has prevented the writing of this article.

      Work: Designing Your Work Space
      Design tips to make working more fun and rewarding.

      Blessings upon you!

      Iona Hoeppner
      ionanet http://ionanet.com/index.htm


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