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Fall News Update

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    Can Fall really be here? I m just now getting ready for summer... wanting to go to the beach, or on a picnic... Ah, but I love Fall anyway! And pray you each
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Can Fall really be here? I'm just now getting ready for summer... wanting to go to the beach, or on a picnic... Ah, but I love Fall anyway! And pray you each will take joy  God's Fall masterpieces, changing leaves whose red and gold splendor will soon flutter from the trees like huge, lazy snowflake adrift in the breezes of a a late October morn...

      Well enough of waxing eloquent an on the the news at hand:

      I'm working on a new look... (not all done yet) check it out

      The September issue is out
      And I think you're gonna like it! This is the largest issue I've ever done and it will bless you all month long. Don't miss the discussion of tithing in the Stewardship section, or the lovely artwork and poetry, or... well, don't miss any of it ;-)

      Thanks to so many of you for your submissions... without your poems, articles, jokes, stories and testimonies, Handmaidens wouldn't be much at all.

      All around Handmaidens you'll see ads for Christian Cafe. My friend Polly has this site and I am so pleased to spread the word. Christian singles need a safe and wholesome place to meet. It's a relaxed, friendly, informal online destination for thousands of single Christians. Featuring chat, profiles, and a FREE trial. Open Sundays. Give 'em a visit at: http://www.christiancafe.com/index.php3?id=90
      Coffee's on!

      Led by the Holy Spirit, I've done another site called Spirit Gardens
      Adam and Eve once walked with God in the Garden of Eden and I believe the Holy Spirit has created within the heart of every believer a unique garden where we can stroll in fellowship with God, hear His voice, touch His heart... Here in poetry and art, I share the gardens I've had the honor to visit...

      Heavenly father;
      How beautiful that on the internet You send Your spirit and Your love, and the Gospel is shared, Christian fellowship abounds.

      Lord, I praise you for each soul You send to any of our (Yours and mine) sites and pray a special blessing, just what each heart would need, on all who pass this way... May they see You on my pages and praise You always.

      I am so deeply humbled and yet honored beyond the telling, that You Almighty Savior would chose me for this work... For I am so imperfect and on my own can do nothing!

      Again, I thank You, Father, for touching me through these internet brother and sisters and even those yet unsaved... When we all meet in glory (all who come to You) I want to give each a holy kiss.

      All in the Name of Jesus

      -- Blessings upon you!

      Iona Hoeppner
      ionanet http://ionanet.com
      Handmaidens http://ionanet.com/women
      Jesus http://ionanet.com/jesus

      He who laughs, lasts.

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