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[handmaidens] May E-Bulletin

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  • Iona Hoeppner
    Greetings, Handmaidens of the Lord! Happy Mother s Day! http://ionanet.com/press/cards/mom.htm Earlier we prepublished a portion of the May issue to bring you
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      Greetings, Handmaidens of the Lord!

       Happy Mother's Day!

      Earlier we prepublished a portion of the May issue to bring you special information and inspiration regarding the tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. PLEASE VISIT OFTEN as new material is being added often.

      Now, you can read the full version of  Handmaidens - May, 1999

      Please don't forget to chack our home page at:
        Handmaidens - A Christian Women  - http://ionanet.com/women
      sign the guestbook, etc.

      The May issue is a little different and also contains some very controversial subjects. Here's what's inside...

      Tragedy at Columbine H. S. - Eyewitnesss accounts of teen Christian
       martyrs, prayer requests and more. Please don't miss this. Also see More on
      Tragedy at Columbine H. S.

      Unbearable Pain - Staff writer Teri Underwood and others give us a
       glimpse of pain and what we can learn from the Holy Spirit. Don't miss the urgent  prayer request. See how God ansers prayer!!


      The Rock & The Weight of Prayer - Two short essay stories to boost
       your faith and give pause for thought.

      Rules for Teens & Proverbs from Babes - These two short pieces lend  insight into some of the possible causes for the school massacres we now see in  America.

       Poetry for Columbine - Original poetry for or by those directly effected  by the school massacre at Littleton, Colorado.

      Learning from & Teaching Children - Providing the armor your kids need in today's world. Also Kids' Letters to God and Kids' Little Instructions on Life.

      Surprised? - As with much of this issue, staff writer Crystal Owings turns her focus toward the horrible events of April 20. We will be returning to our regular  topics in June.

       More on Tragedy at Columbine H. S. - This month we're taking the space to bring more articles, poems and tributes about the Littleton, CO  massacre.

      Christian Sites to See - Each month we feature a few great sites.

      Is God in Your Budget? & Bounce Bonus - A must read for every  Christian!!!

      Women in the Ministry - Right or Wrong? Some folks cite 1 Tim. 2:12 as
       precluding women from the ministry. Let's take a closer look...

      Blessings upon you!

      Iona Hoeppner
      ionanet http://ionanet.com
      Handmaidens http://ionanet.com/women
      Jesus http://ionanet.com/jesus

      He who laughs, lasts.

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