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178Church - !ncredible Architecture

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  • IonaRuth Hoeppner
    Dec 4, 2009

      World Wide 

      Incredible Church Architecture 

      Beautiful Church In Shoreline Connecticut, USA  

      The most beautiful churches around the world. So let's take a look at some awesome churches which are absolutely incredible architecture work.

      20 Photos


      A Church In Reykjavík, Iceland


      A Church In Copenhagen, Denmark


      A Church In Limassol, Cyprus


      Church of Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea in Moscow


      A Church In Kerala, India


      A Church In Old Florida, USA


      A Church In Old Boston, Massachusetts


      Chaengwattana Community Church In North Bangkok


      A Church In Kizhi, Russia


      A Church In New Mexico, USA


      A Church In Goa, India


      A Church In Steinhausen, Germany


      A Church In Reykjavik, Iceland


      Three Kings Church In Frankfurt, Germany


      A Church In St. Casimir, Vilnius, Lithuania


      Riddarholm Church In Sweden


      Temple Church in North Dublin, Ireland


      A Wonderful Church In  Moscow


      Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity, Erie, Pennsylvania