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160An Urgent Call to Prayer

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  • IonaRuth Hoeppner
    Sep 27, 2008
      I'm sorry to barge in on your day, however our nation is in a dire financial and political crisis and in more need of our prayers than most of us imagine.

      There is great power in prayer and America needs the hand of God as a guide and a covering of protection. Please join me in daily prayer for our great nation, under God... and for guidance during these dark financial times and as we prepare to elect another president and a host of other public servants. 

      Pray now and keep praying. Become involved in the affairs of our land. Become a well informed, well "prayed up" voter.

      If you missed the debates last night, you may watch the entire video online here: http://twurl.nl/788i5f  or if that link doesn't work, try this one: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/09/27/complete_footage_the_first_pre.html

      I make no endorsement to the material on that web page or the Washington Post in general, nor am I trying to sway your vote... I am hoping you'll let God do that as you seek Him in prayer. 

      Remember, prayer is just a conversation with your Father, your Best Friend, someone who already knows and loves you, someone who very much wants to hear from you. Talk it over with Him.

      Joyfully in Christ,

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