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158Paralympics Info from iona

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  • IonaRuth Hoeppner
    Sep 7, 2008
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      The Olympics were wonderful and well covered by the media, however, few even know about the Paralympics (World Olympic Games for the disabled). The US is the only participating nation with no TV coverage of these games now ongoing in Bejing. It's a big deal. Over 4,000 athletes competing with all the features of the "regular" Olymics. 

      Here's a clip from my yesterday's blog:
      So, here is where you can see the games online:
      http://universalsports.com started with the opening ceremony and aired this morning at 8a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Of course, I didn't know that then. See the schedule below.

      You can also visit the International Paralympic Committee site, join their mailing list and watch the games on their special site.

      The schedule is in my blog, I'm too busy right now to type it all out again and it's not copying over right, so just click on any of my blogs below. If you have missed an event, they will have the video. The Opening Ceremony was amazing! China has done a splendid job.