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Re: Phosphoric Acid Redux

This is really useful stuff! Thank you again, Fred, for the Holiday gift!
Dec 12

January Meeting: EDGE Update

Happy Tuesday everyone - can you believe we're almost halfway through December already!?! Just a heads up for January's meeting! We will be doing a Braggot
Dec 12

Where's Jimmy?

Jim Carter, if you are in this forum, please drop me an email at waynetempro@... Thanks
Dec 10

Phosphoric Acid Redux

A couple of other facts about phosphoric acid (H3PO4): 1) If you cook, phosphoric acid is a great substitute for vinegar or lemon juice if you're trying to
Fred Dunayer
Dec 10

Re: Brewing tomorrow (Saturday, 12-9)

Sorry guys, I have to cancel my brew day tomorrow. My wife’s flight out tomorrow was canceled, and I have to drive her to Fort Lauderdale in the morning. ...
Joel Farabee
Dec 8

Brewing tomorrow (Saturday, 12-9)

Hello all, I'll be brewing tomorrow morning, mashing in at 8AM, finishing around noon. Anyone is welcome to come join in, just call or text for the address.
Dec 8

3Keys Brewing Anniversary Sat 12/9

Happy Friday everyone! Joel and I will be attending this event, representing HAMS. We have potentially 1 more person, I'm waiting on confirmation/declined.
Dec 8

Re: Brew Life Wort

Done drink it yet!!! Remember the January tasting event. ;)
Dec 7

HAMS Web Page

My apologizes for not getting this out sooner. Work has been a bear. We can defer any decisions on the site to January if the club prefers. Below is the
Dec 7

Re: Brew Life Wort

11-30 kegged @ 1.014 Force carbonated and drinking Good beer! David G Sent from my iPhone
David Graham
Dec 6

Brew Life Wort

Hi all, I thought it might be interesting to see how everyone's wort is doing and what y'all are thinking about doing with it - especially for a newbie like
Anthony W. Welch
Dec 6

MoreBeer Single Tier Digital System for sale

Looking to step up your homebrewing game? Time to get yourself a Xmas present? This is a 10 gallon MoreBeer digital single tier system. Mash recirculation and
Dec 6

Meeting Reminder - This Thursday 7-9 pm

All, Good afternoon, I just wanted to send a reminder that we will be having our December meeting this Thursday. Please arrive early, between 6 - 7pm, for the
Dec 4

New Brewery

Hey guys! I know I haven’t met anyone of you yet, due to me not being able to attend the meeting. But on a side note, December 16th is the grand opening of
Andrew Sweetnich
Nov 29

Invite to participate-3Keys Brewing Anniversary

HAMS Call to Arms! PLEASE respond asap if interested - I will need to provide an RSVP to 3 Keys. 3 Keys Brewing has invited HAMS to participate in their 1 Year
Nov 29
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