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  • ...refrain from comment. (not trying to be crass here, just need to keep the comments very focused) Thank you in advance. Respectfully, Shane
    mshaner_climb Oct 14, 2009
  • > What are the pros and cons of the following types of cooking stoves? That's beyond our topic here, Jeff. You might try BackpackingStoves for a lot of good resources. Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Feb 21, 2007
  • ...I have read this thread with great amusement, and I'll repost what I posted here about last year. It still applies... Shane *** This question of privacy comes up from time to time. Here's the standard response: First, you're in the middle of...range would have to adjust the height of the hammock accordingly. If the hammock is rockin', don't come a knockin'... Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Feb 21, 2007
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  • > lb. strength, more than enough to cover my near 300-lb weight (remembering that I'm > 6' 8"). Hey! Who let the little guy in? Oh, and Ralph is right. Get better rope. Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Jan 4, 2007
  • > Response from Kirkwood Is this some kind of spam? Should I just delete the message, or should I ban the poster as well? I'm a little confused by this one. Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Dec 14, 2006
  • > Spammer whacked > Ralph Gads! They let you be a moderator? They'll let anybody in these days... Oh... Wait... Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Oct 21, 2006
  • > I guess that means we won't be seeing a Speer Hammock > undercover with built in candle warmer or a frog sac with internal > candle pocket for sale on his site in the near future. ;*) The liability issues on that one just boggle the mind... Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Oct 6, 2006
  • ...tropics as a cover. The bottom of my hammock, though, was impervious to mosquitoes. Some of the Hennesy Hammocks are, and some arent. Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Oct 6, 2006
  • Is this spam? I think it's spam... In any case, the two parks like that which I would visit aren't on the map. Indian Hills and La Pines in Louisiana. Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Sep 23, 2006
  • Use a bigger hammock, and sleep diagonally. I have bursitus in both shoulders, and if I don't get it right, I wake up in agony. Haven't had that problem in a long while, though. Shane
    Shane Steinkamp Sep 13, 2006