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  • Thanks for a web link! Nate --- In hammockcamping@^$1, Elizabeth Young wrote: > > I buy it online from annapolis performance sailing > http://www.apsltd.com > but there are many on-line retailers > > liz > > Nate wrote: > > > > Where are you finding the Amsteel rope? > > > > >
    Nate Apr 6, 2009
  • Where are you finding the Amsteel rope?
    Nate Apr 2, 2009
  • Sue, I am near Jackson. I have a mosquito bliss hammock. I have used it a few times, mostly when i am not camping with my girlfriend. Good to hear from fellow hammockers in MI!! NATE
    Nate Jun 3, 2008
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  • I have the 9x9 version. I have had it now for 3 years and it works great with my Hammock Bliss hammock. I set it up in a diamond shape. The 12x12 should be plenty for you. My 9x9 weighs just over a pound and has been VERY durable and hasnt leaked yet. (knock on wood) I think the 12x12 is close to the 2 lb range. I think they are worth it! --- In hammockcamping@^$1, "Chuck" wrote...
    Nate Feb 13, 2008
  • Adam, My hammock is different than the ones you are looking at. However, I do one of two things with my pack. I either clip my pack to my support ropes with a carabiner or I just put in on the ground under my hammock. Someone would really have to have some guts to steal something out of your pack if it is directly under you!! When I am hammock camping I carry everything in a...
    Nate Feb 6, 2008
  • Dennis, I have the same hammock as you. I use a 9x9 tarp from sportsmansguide.com. The white one is cheap and it has protected me fine. I pitch it diagonally using the ropes that came with the tarp. This tarp has also been versatile enough to tarp camp when I cant find good trees. Check in the photo's section of the group page. Look for the album called Nate's Hammock. You will see...
    Nathan Denn Dec 25, 2007
  • The ultralight model looks pretty useful for hammock campers and light/ultralight backpackers! I am really tempted...... -Nate Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway. John Wayne ____________________________________________________________________________________ Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page. http://www.yahoo.com/r/hs
    Nathan Denn Dec 7, 2007
  • Ian and Jamie, My bag is synthetic fill (polarguard 3d) and rated to 20F. I have had this bag since 2001. My poncho is the Outdoor Products Multi purpose poncho LONG. I have not actually weighed it, but the product description says 9oz. I make sure to tie the hood closed when I put it under the hammock. Once I forgot to untie it. My hiking buddy laughed as I tried to put the poncho...
    Nate Mar 17, 2007
  • Jamie, I have done a few things to reduce the likely hood I will need to add a pad. First, I purchased a backpacker poncho from campmor. This is the long version. It has loops on the corners. I suspend this under my hammock. I placed draw cords in the short ends to snug it up against the hammock. The long ends are unmodified. No sewing was required. The poncho was about $15 plus...
    Nate Mar 16, 2007
  • I laughed so loud my boss was wondering what was so funny. He found it funny also! Thanks for sharing! Nate --- In hammockcamping@^$1, "seuss910" wrote: > > That was beautiful. It explains so very much. > > --- In hammockcamping@^$2, "Dave Womble" wrote: > > > > This video explains why you get spiders in your hammock: > > http://tinyurl.com/ypond2 > > >
    Nate Mar 13, 2007