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  • I use Fling-It for guy lines and bear bagging line. Its 2mm and bright orange, has 650# breaking strength. Does not work the best for a friction knot, like a tautline. Works great on bowlines. This is where I got mine, and is the best price I found. $22 for 180 feet. http://www.wesspur.com/Throw-line/zing-it-throw-line.html cm
    Eyewall Feb 15, 2007
  • Just picked up a new Ultralight Backer HH off Ebay for my wife. From the North Pole no less, honest!! Its 12 degrees outside and sunny. Tried to convince her to check it for fit, etc. She just looked at me like I was from Mars, or is it Venus? I told her to just put on some flannels, that is all she would need...she did not buy that either. So, I told her we'd wait until it go to...
    Eyewall Feb 4, 2006
  • ...snip However I could not find our site listed in the Al sites from the link you gave. There are a bunch of small sites like ours that are not. they send out a newsletter and it shows all the stations in north al. ...snip Coy... mmmm, I just went to weather.gov, clicked on northern AL, and the Huntsville Office website came up, and I clicked on a point on the map and came up with...
    Eyewall Dec 18, 2005
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  • ...snip so are you the guy I complain to for having to go out every morning I'm at work and measuring the rain and recording the high, low and current temp... Coy Boy True...if you take the obs for the NWS, er...the old Weather Bureau. cm
    Eyewall Dec 16, 2005
  • ...snip But, for "driving conditions" down that way, is Dahlonega the nearest town to use when checking Weather.com....? Thanks! J.D. ...snip Actually you can get a point forecast for anyplace in the country. Go to weather.gov. Click on the approximate location where you are going. Click on the next map that pops up for your destination. A detailed forecast in graphics and text...
    Eyewall Dec 14, 2005
  • snip... I don't use a DAM, but I do have a Big Agnes Insulated Air Core. It does result in a slightly different lay, but the vertical space in my Expedition Asym is more than adequate for the couple of inches taken up by the mattress. My 2ยข, IMO, YMMV, etc... Fuzzy I agree here with Fuzzy. I discovered that just letting about 15 seconds worth of air out that Air Core makes a big...
    Eyewall Dec 13, 2005