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  • I know the feeling. People ask me why do I live in England? I look at the fog and cloudy skies, and think it is bliss. A childhood spent working every summer in conditions where touching bare metal took the skin off you really spoils the appreciation of cloudless blue skies. > Ed To tell the truth after 4 years of drought and not having a blade of grass in my yard for 3 years I...
    Dent Alastair Mar 17, 2004
  • G'day mate. You were lucky to make that walk - plenty of people wouldn't have. What are you, half blue heeler or something? Not being able to carry the beer; that's really sad. I feel for you. Still, it's best chilled in the river after a day's canoeing, anyway.
    Dent Alastair Mar 16, 2004
  • Soup cans . . . You shouldn't scoff so much - if hiking in areas where there is no water, is it really sensible to take freeze-dried foods? I lived in Australia most of my life, and a lot of back-country walking is in areas where there is no palatable water - so you had to pack all drinking and cooking water. High-energy canned foods were commonly used, partly also cause they could...
    Dent Alastair Mar 15, 2004
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  • Finally got round to building that pipe cot in my boat. Used an old cotton 'net' blanket, and 'stitched' it together with 5mm shock cord. The blanket went right round the pipes and I stitched it underneath. Slept in it last night - just chucked double duvet in it, slept on one half with rest pulled over me. It worked very well - the blanket stretched a lot, but was comfy, and not...
    Dent Alastair Feb 27, 2004
  • Just musing on hammock designs - one of the probs with hammocks is the tremendous lateral forces on whatever you tie to. Soooo - has anyone tried making a hammock with a ridgepole, that would then be under compressive forces? Impractical for backpacking - but I was thinking of confined spaces - such as in houses. Might be good where house walls are flimsy.
    Dent Alastair Feb 25, 2004
  • The 'wettest village' would have been WasteWater. York is possibly wetter - last winter, temp didn't get above 40F, humidity over 98% for a fortnight - everything soaked. Buffalo pile is a combination of a pertex outer with a pile lining - the pile is a like a directional fleece. It isn't waterproof, but remains warming even if soaked. Buffalo make clothing and bags - I have a...
    alidisaster Feb 20, 2004
  • Hmm, never camped in Scotland, have you? 'Buffalo' pile clothing was invented because the weather is such that just the atmosphere can saturate down. There must be areas of the USA that are similar. Down is small - but if I was canoeing, I'd take a buffalo bag. Yes, they are bulky and heavy - but they work in any conditions, and don't need looking after. Failing that, primaloft...
    Dent Alastair Feb 19, 2004
  • Guess your next camping trip will be a hard one - his spirit will be there.
    Dent Alastair Feb 11, 2004
  • Take an appropriately shaped man. Sleep on his chest. Self-heating, and can carry own gear. The perfect solution.
    Dent Alastair Feb 10, 2004
  • Ordinary hammocks aren't a problem - I have 3, 2 homemade. However, they won't hang in the space avail. The Treeboat is designed to fit into awkward places, and be more stable. This is what I need. Yup, I'm from the UK People don't use hammocks for camping here, as most of the good walking areas are pretty treeless. --- In hammockcamping@^$1, Bill Fornshell wrote: > Hi, I haven't...
    alidisaster Jan 12, 2004