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Re: [Hammock Camping] the ongoing saga of wet-weather testing

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  • Rick
    Very nice experiment Dave! Thanks for sharing it. Rick ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 7, 2005
      Very nice experiment Dave! Thanks for sharing it.


      Dave Womble wrote:

      > Marta,
      > After your first post, I happened to be looking a webbing for tree
      > attachments... so I looked at the rain issue as well. I just used a
      > hose pipe with the water turned low and put the water on the trees
      > (one smooth bark and one rough bark) just above the webbing...
      > figured this would be about as bad as it could get, was on demand and
      > somewhat repeatable. Note that I just used 1" polypropylene webbing
      > I got at WalMart, from the weight I'm guessing about 490 lb breaking
      > strength. I tried several things; other pieces of webbing sewn as
      > drip stoppers, a 1.5 inch descender ring in between webbing, bowline
      > knot finishing off non-cinching wraps around the tree and socks tied
      > to the webbing. Nothing worked as well as the synthetic material
      > socks-- all the other techniques were dependent on orientation, the
      > rate at which the water came down the webbing and/or how long it had
      > been coming down the webbing (they sometimes seemed to perform a
      > little differently when they were saturated). I was particularly
      > disappointed in the 1.5" descender rings (about 1/2 ounce each?) as I
      > thought for sure they would totally solve the problem; they didn't
      > have enough 'uphill' to them because of the hammock sag angle to
      > handle anything more than drips; they couldn't handle higher volumes
      > of water, it that case the stream of water would bridge it.
      > Just thought I would pass this along, good luck with your testing.
      > Youngblood
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