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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: wet weather testing

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  • Adrnlnjnky
    sorry I missed the first part of this hike but how are you using the cloth? are you trying to stop the rain or divert the rain? I have used biners with my
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1 10:42 AM
      sorry I missed the first part of this hike but how are you using the cloth?
      are you trying to stop the rain or divert the rain?

      I have used biners with my hammocks pretty much all along. (I'm a climber
      and a river guide so they tend to be laying around), The biners have always
      worked well for me. I must say however that out here in california we don't
      get as much rain in a year as you might be getting in a night.

      Anyway, diversion or repulsion?

      On 7/31/05, marta_clark <marta_clark@...> wrote:
      > I've still got the hammock set up in the woods behind the house. Now
      > I've got a sock tied on one end and a full bandana tied on the other
      > end. It never did rain hard enough today to see is a bigger piece of
      > cloth is the answer. (Maybe my little strips of banadana were simply
      > too small.) Maybe tonight or tomorrow we'll get another gully-
      > washer. In the meantime, I'll drop by the outdoor store and pick up
      > a couple of carabiners to be ready for the next experiment. I might
      > cut the lines on each end of the hammock and sew in a carabiner. It
      > would also be useful for hanging things from.
      > Marta
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "slowhike" <slowhike@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > marta... sorry to hear that the slited lid didn`t work. water is
      > > determaned stuff,isn`t it? i would still suggest considering
      > > caribiners. i don`t think i`ve been in near as heavy of rain as
      > some
      > > of your trips (standing indian), but i`ve been through some pretty
      > > good rains & never seen any sign of rain finding it`s way past the
      > > biners. i got them in the rock climbing section at the local
      > > outfitters & they weigh just under 1 & 1/2 oz each. i don`t
      > remember
      > > the weight rating but it was way up there. mabey over 1000? they
      > > remain attached to the loops on each end of my hammock & then
      > webbing
      > > (w/ a loop tyed in the end) attaches to the other end of the
      > > caribinner & continues to the tree. i don`t see any way that water
      > can
      > > make its way past the binner. it would have to travel back up
      > hill.
      > > as for blowing rain, that`s a differant matter. ...slowhike
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      Tom Peltier

      In the winter we play on the frozen snow and
      in the spring we play on the unfrozen snow!!

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    • tim garner
      brian... i had an idea the other day (last year actualy). i took two short strips of 3/4 webbing, about 2-3 long & layed them together w/ the hanging strap
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 4, 2006
        brian... i had an idea the other day (last year actualy). i took two
        short strips of 3/4" webbing, about 2-3" long & layed them together w/
        the hanging strap in-between. this formed a t or cross shape w/ a
        short pice of webbing on oppisite sides of the hanging strap. then i
        sewed the short pices together across one long edge (the side next to
        the hammock). next, waterproof the stiched side w/ seam sealer. this
        forms a flap on each side of the hanging strap, angled toward the
        tree. this should from a sure deversion of water running down the
        strap w/ very little added weight. and it`s always there. it`s a new
        idea so i haven`t had a chance to test it. a couple other thoughts;
        1)... add a very small pice of webbing, sewed between each cross pice
        & the hanging strap to make sure the funnel is always open wide.
        2)...webbing wider than 3/4" may help in a real gully washer.
        3)...testing may show sewing the cross pices at an angle may help.
        let me know what you think (brian & others). ...tim
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