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RE: Hammock Camping Trail Fest

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  • Ed Speer
    Yes, Rick, Trailfest is a one-day (Apr 12) social event sponsered by the town for AT hikers. The trail runs right through town! It s really just a Spring
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2003
      Yes, Rick, Trailfest is a one-day (Apr 12) social event sponsered by the town for AT hikers.  The trail runs right through town!  It's really just a Spring celabration featuring area musicians--playing and dancing on the lawn, etc.  Some vendors will be present.  Mostly a mountain town beer bust!  Last year they had about 200-300 people, mostly locals.  There is a web site:  www.trailfest.net
      I am doing a 20 mi hike on the trail reaching Hot Springs Sat am (12 Apr).  That commerical campground you found is in town and very convenient--lots of spaces, but you probably should make reservations.  The hot springs are commerical and reservations are definately required if interested--they use outdoor hot tubs w/ hot water, so it's not what you'd expect.  I'll be staying in town Sat pm--would be great to see ya there...Ed
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      Hey Ed,

      I saw on your site that you intend to be at Hot Springs for Trail
      Fest on the weekend prior to Easter weekend.  I will be driving from
      Dayton to the FL panhandle that weekend with my pop-up camper and
      family.  it only takes me a couple hours out of my way to stop. 

      How big is the event?  Any hope of getting a camping spot in town for
      Friday eve??  I did find one commercial campgroud, but have not
      called them.  I think it was the hot springs campground??


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