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Re: [Hammock Camping] Permethrin- was Hammock Camping] Mosquito protection (bag

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Hi, I m not sure how to respond to your post because it is so full of ifs, but I ll try. 1) Permethrin concentrate is for sale at a home and garden store,
    Message 1 of 40 , Jul 3, 2005
      Hi, I'm not sure how to respond to your post because it is so full of
      ifs, but I'll try.

      1) Permethrin concentrate is for sale at a home and garden store,
      therefore no special license is required.

      2) Only an cad would dispose of a chemical in an inappropriate manner.
      Hammock people are by definitions not cads, they are responsible,
      caring and environmentally friendly, so that improper disposal cannot
      an issue.

      3) The chemical is used and recommended by a branch of the government
      (Defense) for just this use.

      4) Yes I saw what the MSDS said, so I would certainly not get the
      liquid on me. But the dried product is a different manner. (Ever
      looked up the MSDS for NACl?)
      there may be different solvents that should be looked at, but they are
      usually volatile and gone from the dried product.

      5) It is necessary in some areas (lime disease) Acceptable risk.

      6) Those of us making our own hammocks are certainly not using
      polyester for it's intended purpose, and there is a small label on the
      strap I use saying that it should not be used to support a person, but
      I use my judgement, my engineering analysis, the experience of others,
      and personally accept the risk. Now if it breaks under use it would be
      rude of me to bring legal action against the strap maker.

      7) Hike your own hike, if you feel uncomfortable with it, I would
      certainly not force it on you. Feel free to feed the ticks.

      Ralph Oborn

      PS Does anybody have ANY facts diluted dried permethrin on clothes or
      a hammock is bad for you??

      PS PS I do less harm to the little bugs if I scare them away, than if
      I swat them as they bite me.

      On 7/2/05, B.M. Dyleski <americassouthsea@...> wrote:
      > One more thought on the topic. My reason for bringing up the legal thing
      > was to get people to think and get views which was what occured.
      > Some things to think about: Yes the laws are there to protect the
      > environment and people. These laws were put in place when chemicals were
      > discoverd tokill fish , nearly cause several species of birds to become
      > extinct, and cause serious health problems for those that worked in fields
      > harvesting crops.
      > If you are using a comercial pesticide requiring an applicators license to
      > buy, where did you get it? If a friend bought it for you or gave you some ,
      > they violated federal law, they could loose license pay fine and do jail
      > time.
      > What did you do with the leftover chemical after you treated clothing or
      > whatever. Dump it down the drain? Pour it out in the backyard? you just
      > violated federal law.
      > You may get away with all of this rather easily unless it causes a problem
      > and people going looking for the cause.
      > Believe it or not a good treatment plant operator may pick up the chemical
      > in the waste water and wonder where it came from.
      > It is a gainst the law because it is just not a smart thing to do and what
      > for? Who really needs that level of protection? It sounds like you are doing
      > battle with the world around you. I have never needed that kind of bug
      > protection. I assume we all are at this sight because we have a love of
      > natural beauty and wilderness. We all must use part of our lives to take
      > resposibility for protecting these places and limiting our impact on it.
      > Living the lowest impact lives we can is not a bad thing. Best to all BMD
    • dlfrost_1
      ... tie ... huggers! Doesn t hurt to have em out east either. I carry extra straps along with the HH because sometimes the spot you d really like to use
      Message 40 of 40 , Jul 5, 2005
        --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jwj32542" <jwj32542@y...>
        > So I went to Big Sur for the first time yesterday. BIG TREES to
        > my hammock to...now I know why folks out west need larger tree

        Doesn't hurt to have em out east either. I carry extra straps along
        with the HH because sometimes the spot you'd really like to use
        requires the extra rigging. Normally though it's better to avoid
        larger trees because of deadfall risks.

        When my brother and I went to Big South Fork a few weeks back, the
        only hammock spot I could find down by the river had an 4ft. dia.
        windthrown tree near a smaller one. All the other options were
        crawling with poison ivy. So I tied the two straps together and
        wrapped em around the prostrate tree as many times as I could, tying
        off back to the line. The other side had the usual HH strap. It
        worked. Without the extra strapping I would have been forced to go
        partway up the bluff face to find something useable.

        Yea, let's see that car hammock of yours. :-)

        Doug Frost
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