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RE: [Hammock Camping] thinlight insulation pad

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  • Ed Speer
    Slowhike, I just found the same problem with the 1/8 pad. Like Dick reported yesterday, it s not rigid enough to use by itself in a hammock-and it also
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2005
      Slowhike, I just found the same problem with the 1/8" pad. Like Dick
      reported yesterday, it's not rigid enough to use by itself in a hammock-and
      it also didn't work in the SPE. It still folded and crumpled from use
      inside the SPE. It did add noticeable warmth. I'm hoping now the 1/8" can
      be used in combo with other more rigid pads inside the SPE. I'm also
      thinking of ordering the 3/8" pad to test as well. Like you said the
      insulation to weight ratio of the ThinLight pads is excellent and maybe I'll
      find a good use for them like you did...Ed

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      a couple months ago, i ordered the 1/8 & also the 3/8 pads after
      someone spoke of there great insulation to weight ratio. when i got
      them i quickly decided that the 1/8 was way to thin to use buy its
      self & probably the 3/8 too. so i never even tryed them by themselfs.
      instead, i used the 3/8 inside a thermarest chair kit & it worked
      great. so it should work great w/ ed`s SPE . if i remember corectly,
      the 1/8 still wanted to wrinkle a little in the chair kit sleve, so
      what i ended up doing was this. i sewed the 1/8 pad to a pice of thin
      fleece. then i took the chair kit apart & replaced the top (the side
      you sit/sleep on) w/ the fleece/thinlight combo. the reason i did this
      was because i use a BA insulated air core, which has cold weather
      limitations. the fleece added a soft wicking layer between the pad &
      user. worked perfectly! i`m still thinking about other (lighter )
      combos. just food for thought. thanks...slowhike



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