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Almost the Ultimate Act of Trust

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  • ranger_rick_frost
    Hello All from a newbie, I ve loved the outdoors and camping all of my life. My brother (dlfrost_1) has gotten me into backcountry camping a couple of years
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
      Hello All from a newbie,
      I've loved the outdoors and camping all of my life. My brother
      (dlfrost_1) has gotten me into backcountry camping a couple of years
      ago. And recently got me into hammock camping. (Thought he was crazy
      till I tried climbing into it on one of our outings.) I engaged in
      one of the "ultimate acts of trust" when I let him "make me a
      hammock." Of course HE'S got a "store bought" one, but said he could
      make me one out of stuff from the "discount cloth store". The
      "discount" part was not helping my trust that this thing would support
      my 225lb 48 year old weight at all. He did come up with it and we
      tested it out in my back yard. (Of course I made him get in it first…
      especially after seeing the granny knots I saw him tie on the straps
      going around the trees.)
      After begging my wife to sew a home-made bug fly (from materials we
      found at Wally World) and setting it up with my new 10x12 tarp (which
      looks just like Penny's)… I was ready to head out on the trail. Total
      G4pack weight (including food) I carried on this weekend's trip to
      Angel Falls at Big South Fork NP was 19lbs 1ounce. (Also had a approx
      2lbs fanny pack, canteen and walking stick.) We had a great time. I
      slept really well. And was toasty warm in my Horse
      Thief/ThermarestPro3 at low of a mild 50 degrees. Also got to see the
      "largest leaf plant in North America"… do you know what that is?
      I just wanted to say that the biggest tip I picked up off this group
      last week was the Ossel Hitch. Man, does that work great! I use a
      neutrino carabiner to attach my hammock's rope loops to the straps
      going around the tree. (I also use the neutrinos to hang most of my
      gear up at night too.) The Ossel works perfect every time! My
      addition to the hitch is that when you go back thru the first turn to
      compete the hitch… I use a loop instead of the end of the strap. So,
      when I want to release the hitch… I just pull on the end and it pulls
      the loop out-releasing the hitch. (I'm still trying to convince my
      brother that it's better than the official granny knot. <grin>)
      I'll post some pictures of our outing when I figure out how to do it.
      Happy trails from a new hanger!
      Ranger Rick :)
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