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Re: [Hammock Camping] Laying slightly off the center line?

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  • Edley McKnight
    Hammock Patents Hi, I ve been looking at some of the patents on hammocks on which is the full USA Patent site.
    Message 1 of 9 , May 27, 2005
      Hammock Patents


      I've been looking at some of the patents on hammocks on
      which is the full USA Patent site.
      In order to see the full patents, an TIFF image viewer is needed.
      A free one is available at
      It is plug in for the browser.

      When I put in for the two keywords Hammock and Hennessy I found a
      number of them. One early one tells how to make the autoclosing
      bottom entry and how to fold the standard unit. One later one gives
      quite a bit of detail on the Asymmetrical configuration. It appears
      that the best asym is tuned for the individual person. Apparantly
      just making a long and wide hammock would do for comfort, but to
      reduce the weight, you have to get sneaky.

      I've not built any hammocks so complex as yet, and most likely will
      buy one, but it helps me to understand how they are made.

      Maybe this will help some of you experimenting with variations.


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      > <redroach@e...> wrote:
      > > I don't know how they attach.
      > > Just working from memory (got to get that hammock out)
      > > the attachment is hidden under/in nylon at either end. There are
      > guy lines
      > > on the asym points as well.
      > >
      > > TV (I know that didn't help, but I am off to dig out the hammock)
      > I did go to Wal-mart last night and got some great 100% polyester
      > discount fabric to make a test hammock ala RISK, but with the
      > asymmetrical design.
      > I cut the fabric according to the length formula in Speer's book +
      > 6". It was a rectangle not a parallelogram. Then when gathering the
      > material for the end knot I started gathering about a foot from the
      > end on one side and worked my way to the opposite side of the fabric-
      > moving toward the corner of the fabric as I went. I tied the knot
      > and then did the other end opposite.
      > The hammock seemed more comfortable with the asymm know than the
      > normal knot. I seemed to be able to lay more flat when off axis and
      > the hammock seem to sort of force my body into this flat position.
      > I'm going to mess with this some more. I'm not about to make an
      > expensive hammock on this design yet.
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