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  • AndrĂ© Corterier
    I live and hike in Germany, along the Rhine area (Bonn). I ve always found trees to tie the hammock to. Sometimes it looks as though I have to walk further
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2005
      I live and hike in Germany, along the Rhine area (Bonn). I've always
      found trees to tie the hammock to. Sometimes it looks as though I
      have to walk further than the tenters to find a place to hang -
      however, that's just because our general mindframe is such that we
      tend to walk from one campable place to another. So in effect the
      tenters have already done their walking. If I were to begin looking
      for a place to hang when I get tired, hungry or what have you, I am
      usually much faster than the tenters.

      I have found few trees up in the Pyrenees (haven't camped there yet,
      though I've walked there a few years ago). However, you likely won't
      want to camp way up, anyway - there's trees up to about middling
      level on most of the mountains. And as you've seen on the pics in
      Shane's test at backpackgeartest.org, if you can't find trees, you
      just need to find the kind of spot you have to find as a tenter,
      anyway, and you can set it up with walking poles (or a stout branch).
      Should this happen often, make a point of carrying a walking staff
      (possibly with a Y-shaped branch ending at the top, should make
      things even easier).


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Everett Kunitz"
      <everettkunitz@h...> wrote:
      > Hello!
      > I already posed this question, but I think I need to elaborate a
      little bit
      > on it. I have ordered a Hennessy Backpacker Ultralight A-Sym, but I
      seem to
      > be second guessing myself about this choice in shelter. I am
      looking to
      > lighten my pack, and at first glance the hammock seemed to be the
      answer to
      > all of my problems- or so it seemed. I liked the idea of having an
      > integrated system that could work in a variety of situations-
      strung up, or
      > on the ground (I understand that the hammocks primary function is
      to hang,
      > but it looks like a pretty good setup on the ground. I have to
      admit here,
      > however that I have no expirience with free standing shelters).
      > reviewing the types of trail I usual like to hike (I live in
      Germany, hike
      > mostly in south western europe, but intend on trail testing the
      hammock in
      > Japan this summer to get ready for a 6 week trek across the
      Pyranees I am
      > planning for next summer) and realizing that the terrain varies
      > I think I saw the hammock type of shelter as a bit of a "silver
      bullet"; one
      > shelter that could easily be adapted with minimal adjustment for
      > the campsite requires. Please prove me wrong!!! I am still so
      excited about
      > this new gear, but I'd like to hear from people who have used their
      > in as varying circumstances as mine. So far it seems that most of
      > hammock enthusiasts seem to be AT hikers- What about the Hennessy
      off the
      > AT?
      > thank you for getting through this diatribe,
      > Everett
      > p.s.- Shane: Thank you for the photos and info in the link you sent
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