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Scouts and Hammock Camping.

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  • Scot Leibacher
    Yes. The Hennessey website also has a special page on Scout related news, Troop money earning projects, etc. In fact, Hennessey has two models called the
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      Yes. The Hennessey website also has a special page on Scout related news, Troop money earning projects, etc. In fact, Hennessey has two models called the "Cub" and the "Scout", each for just under $80 for Scout Troop and Den purchases. And, it turns out that Lord Baden-Powell, the originator or Boy Scouting used a tent hammock of sorts during his military career in South Africa. Here is what he has to say about the hammocks they used:

      The founder of the Boy Scouts, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, slept in hammocks
      when out of doors and recommended them highly. He even had one permanently
      set up outside his home.

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      This was actually the Ashanti Hammock, which was less like a Mayan Hammock and more like a suspended
      cot. In Young Knights of the Empire, page 184, he wrote, "Another form of
      tent which I used in Mafeking and South Africa, and still use for sleeping
      out in, in England, is one which you would hardly call a tent. It is
      really a slung cot, with a moveable canvas roof to it. It is called the
      'Ashanti Hammock'. It packs up quite small, and is put up in a few
      minutes. Requires no pegs. Keeps you off the wet ground. And when the
      gale comes and all the tents in camp blow down, you lie there swinging
      gently in the breeze, the envy of all the rest. It also forms an
      excellent stretcher if you are ill and have to be carried; and if you die
      it also makes a very satisfactory coffin, being laced over you as you lie
      in it. Very complete, isn't it?"

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      Weren't hammocks featured in "Scouting" last year?

      On 5/11/05, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      > There are a number of state parks where hammocks are prohibited in
      > campgrounds because they are tied to trees. Fortunately, this is not
      > normally true on backpacking trails.
      > The one worst anti-example is Philmont, where hammocks are strictly
      > prohibited because they do not have two boys in the the "tent" and they
      > are tied to trees. I am a veteran of Philmont, and I find this very
      > discouraging.
      > Rick
      > Scot Leibacher wrote:
      > > This brings up an interesting question. Our Scout Troop was
      > > reprimanded by a park ranger
      > > at a state park here in Indiana last summer for having set up a dining
      > > fly with the center ridge
      > > rope being fastened to two trees. We had to take it down. We were told
      > > it was against park
      > > rules to tie ANYTHING to trees. I am wondering how prevelent this rule
      > > in in other state and
      > > national parks. Even though we all know the hammock designs do not
      > > badly influence the
      > > trees (in my opinion they are the ultimate in leave no trace as far as
      > > tents are concerned),
      > > I don't think most park rangers are flexible enough to allow them to
      > > be used if such a rule
      > > is on the books. Wondering what others have found in their local
      > > parks, etc.
      > >
      > >
      > >
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      > > Subject: [Hammock Camping] Yosemite Camp
      > >
      > >
      > > I'm taking some Scouts to Little Yosemite Valley in Aug. Has anyone
      > > done any Hammock camping there? I was wondering about conditions,
      > > trees, bears, etc or even if hammock camping is allowed.
      > >
      > > I'm working on going ultra-light and showing the Scouts how to make
      > > much of their gear. Any suggestons on that would be helpful as well.
      > >
      > > Thanks

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