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Re: Newbie here - advice?

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    MG, I think Sgt. Rock uses a 5 X 8 poncho/tarp in his set up (actually I think it is 5 1/2 X 8, but I m not sure). Just doing the math (Pythagorean Theorum) I
    Message 1 of 4 , May 10, 2005
      I think Sgt. Rock uses a 5 X 8 poncho/tarp in his set up (actually I
      think it is 5 1/2 X 8, but I'm not sure). Just doing the math
      (Pythagorean Theorum) I come up with 9.43 feet of diagonal for a 5 X
      8 tarp, which should be enough.

      However, if you need to camp in open spaces (with little or no
      natural protection) and are going to be in driving rain I would opt
      for a bigger tarp/fly and a light weight poncho (could also serve as
      gear storage or whatever) or just a light umbrella for hiking,
      nature calls and stuff around camp. I found that if I use a poncho
      for my fly I need something to use around camp anyway, so now I use
      a big tarp and an umbrella. When bushwacking I find I need heavier
      rain gear (more tear resistant) than a poncho and an umbrella just
      gets hung up as well. So, it depends on what I am doing as to what
      gear I take.

      I like the Catenary Cut ridge line of Youngblood's tarps but I use a
      deeper cat cut on the edges than he does (more like the MacCat
      tarps). So my tarps are the MacYoungcut tarps! :) I also like the
      Super Stormproof set of the Youngblood tarp, but it is a huge tarp.
      It's cool though, as everyone usually ends up under my tarp when it
      is raining.

      Get rid of the bivy, all the hammocks can be set up as bivy as well,
      it just takes a little creativity.

      www.hikinghq.net is Sgt. Rocks web-site, it has a lot of good info
      and pics as well. Also visit the links section on this group, good
      stuff there also.


      > So here's my first question: can a 5x8 ft rectanglular tarp be used
      > effectively as a canopy with a Hennessy, or is it too small? (A
      > of background I'm 5ft 7in and 160 pounds and camp mostly in Western
      > Canada where it can get pretty wet).
      > Second question: if the 5x8 ft canopy is not sufficient (which is
      > guess), then using the supplied canopy with the Hennessy ultralight
      > backpacker am I likely to continue to need to carry a bivy for
      > wind-driven rain or can the canopy be effectively arranged so as to
      > eliminate that as a realistic concern?
      > I'm sure I'll have other questions in due course.
      > Cheers,
      > MG
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