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Re: move on HH Asym question

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Nathaniel- If one hammock seemed a foot longer, it probably was, indeed, an Explorer. I seem to remember some talk at one point about needing longer tree
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2003

      If one hammock seemed a foot longer, it probably was, indeed, an Explorer.  I seem to remember some talk at one point about needing longer tree huggers for places where most trees were larger in diameter.  That may have been a suggested option for western states, and maybe a separate purchase.  Longer straps=more weight.  Could the review you read mentioning longer tree huggers been for a Safari, or some other model? 

      If the hammock or fly were not beautifully folded and rolled, you can bet that the hammock was taken out between point of manufacture and your purchase.  When I ran into Tom at a Scout function last summer, he showed me how he folds and rolls, Not Origami, but a work of art.  I haven't duplicated it, but I'm more likely to practice what I want to do on the trail, anyway.  Colors in pictures on the site are not always a great indicator of what you will find for sale at a retailer.  There was a point that REI and EMS had special colors for their stock.  I don't know if that agreement is still in effect.  He has also found, as have others, that some colors photograph and show the product better.  Look at the colors listed at the site for purchases made through it, check the store for what it has.

      It seems logical that the SnakeSkins are OK for storage.  I haven't seen any caveats from HH to only use them for travel, the way sleeping bags are supposed to be stored in a loose cotton sack.

      My great relationship with the Hennessy's started as a happy customer, who ended up testing a prototype for BGT and came up with solutions for some problems.  Then, I loved the hammocks so much, I wanted EVERYONE to try them out, and invited Tom to hit some of the hiker happenings that  I could get to on the East coast and offered to give him local support.  So, now I'm an occasional local sales person, trying to get an archery shop owner that hubby and I help out to expand into lightweight camping gear.  Sometimes I have hammocks on hand to sell, but not always.  Every manufacturer should be so lucky to have someone so nuts over their gear!

      I can't imagine that, once you become familiar with the intricacies of hammock camping you will willing camp any other way.  When I was involved with Scouts, the leaders taught us not to keep our packs inside the tents.  Space and wear and tear were a big piece of it.  Probably the occasional "forgotten" candy bar in a pack might also have been a factor.  Raccoons do a nasty job on tents when they want to get to food inside!  Usually, we hung packs on trees and covered them with plastic bags or nylon pack covers.  Wrapping in a poncho and storing under the hammock also works. 


      From: Nathaniel <nate@...>
      Subject: Re: Digest Number 68/QC questions, HH ASYM

      * rosaleen43@... <rosaleen43@...> [20030308 07:33]:
      > My experience with the Hennessys are that they have an outstanding dedication
      > to quality and customer satisfaction.  Tom can't address a problem until he
      > is aware of it.  That said, they do have a lot going on and sometimes take a
      > bit of time to take care of everything.  And, sometimes, Tom needs a bit of a
      > nudge, as he can go into data overload and forget something.  He has, so far,
      > been really good natured about reminders...  His wife is good for helping in
      > that regard.  (Nice couple!)

      After some more measurements it seems that it is about 24 feet long.
      Usable distance between two trees, assuming they are small enough for
      the tree huggers is 22 feet.  Smaller then the specs Ann gave me (tree
      12' to 25' away, with an overall length of about 28') but still pretty
      close.  The tree huggers are kinda small compared with the first one I
      had, but they are spec (42").  I did read some reviews that
      said the tree huggers were 55"... oh well.

      I was just concerned/curious, especially right after seeing the
      initial size difference between the first one and the one I have now.
      Overall I'm happy and impressed with the product.  Still a bit
      concerned about finding trees the right distance/size.

      I am really hoping I made a good gear purchase decision (my other
      choice was the tarptent but I really hate crawling into tents and
      getting gear dirty by muddy ground.  I go on boy scout trips and
      sometimes the choice of campsite isn't always that great) and hope it
      will become my 3-season shelter of choice for most trips.  (Fingers

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