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DAM / Top Cover "0" Degree Sleeping System

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  • Bill Fornshell
    I have been plugging away on my 0 Degree DAM / Sleeping System for my Speer Silk Hammock since I completed my recent medical treatment. I now have a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2005
      I have been plugging away on my "0" Degree DAM / Sleeping System for my Speer
      Silk Hammock since I completed my recent medical treatment.

      I now have a completed prototype ready for a test in the woods. It still uses the
      same $1 a yard ripstop from Wal-Mart. If everything works out I will make the real
      thing out of some much better and lighter material. For now however it weighs a little
      more than I want the final version to weigh.

      Remember this is a system that should be good down to "0" degrees or maybe
      lower. I used a total of 29 ounces of 800+ Down in the three parts:

      The current DAM uses 9 poly tubes each with a silk baffle and 1oz of 800+ Down.
      The weight of one Poly Tube with the baffle and Down in it is 1.5oz. This then is 9
      times 1.5oz for 13.5oz. Counting the shell material the current DAM weighs 23oz.
      The size is 78" long by 33" wide. This size fits nice INSIDE my Silk Speer

      The Down Top Cover has 18oz of 800+ Down in it for 4 inches of loft and a total
      weight of 28oz. The Top Cover is buttoned onto the DAM along the sides and foot
      end. Each edge of the DAM has a poly tube roll to act as a seal to avoid cold spots.
      The width of the cover is 25". This is more than wide enough inside the Hammock. I
      can lay on my side if I want and do sleep on my side most of the time in my
      Hammock. I made sort of a collar for my neck. I also made a removable Down Cap
      (2oz of Down - total weight of 3.5oz) to use when it is cold enough. The Down cap
      can be worn anytime in or out of the DAM. It has a draw cord for the neck throat
      area. I made the Top Cover so I can remove up to half of the Down baffles so it can
      use it in warmer weather. This way I can use the same Top Cover all year round.
      The picture shows the clamps on the poly tubes at the head end of the DAM. I am
      thinking about getting a longer set of Poly Tubes and put them in the head end.
      They would stick out like in the last pictures and be easier to pump up and let out
      the air.

      This all fits inside my Hammock nice and compact. The total weight for this "0"
      degree DAM (23oz) / Top Cover (28oz) / Down CAP (3.5oz) - Sleeping System
      comes out to 54.5oz. Using a .9oz per sq yard material such as Pertex Quatam for
      the finial version I should save about 10 oz to bring the system weight down to
      about 44.5oz.

      I made a photo album called "A DAM ve..." and put a few pictures in it. I will hang
      my Hammock when I can and take some pictures of the system INSIDE my
      Hammock ready to use.

      Bill in Texas
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