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Re: hammock V tarptent

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Bob- The Extreme Light Racer is extremely light, but only guaranteed for one year. They really were designed for the duration of one challenge race. If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2003

      The Extreme Light Racer is "extremely light," but only guaranteed for one year.  They really were designed for the duration of one challenge race.

      If you are looking to sleep alone in a light hammock, consider the old UL Backpacker.  I think the clearance models are sold out on the Hennessy site, but a few may be "out there" unsold.  Another lightweight possibility is the Scout.  It is newer stripped down model really meant for kids, but a small adult may get by.  (You don't mention your height.)  The newer UL Backpacker Asym does give more room and has larger fly, but weighs almost as much as the original model that was pre Tree Huggers and mesh gear pockets.  Trade offs and decisions!

      The decision for me is whether I want to be comfortable enough to sleep.  I'm fascinated with Henry Shire's designs, but they still require ground sleeping.  I've not found a mattress that is light enough to carry and be able to sleep on it.  The last time I slept in the back of a friend's station wagon, I had a 4" feather bed, dual density egg crate, Z-rest, and a Thermarest.  I still couldn't get comfortable, slept little, and had a sore hip.  Hennessys just work for me. 


      From: "Bob" <rnunnink@...>
      Subject: Hammock vs tarptent

      First let me say I own a hennessy safari hammock & I love it.  I
      originally bought it to sleep myself and one of my kids (they are
      both under 5).  For this purpose it works great.  My problem arises
      when I go out with another adult and I need sleeping for two.  I'm
      sure you'll all agree that hammock camping is better when you camp
      with other people in hammocks.  Ok so here is the problem.  I live in
      the eastern US by the way.  Do I buy a  Henry shires tarptent so two
      of us can sleep for minimial weight.  Or do I buy a second hammock,
      was thinking of getting an EXTREME LIGHT RACER A-SYM.  I only weigh
      165 lbs and am extremely gentle with my gear. What are you thoughts
      on the plus's and minus's of this descioson.


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