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RE: [Hammock Camping] Material...coated or not?

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  • Ed Speer
    Thanks Dave, I ll check into it. But when I view my own email posts, they re fine. Surely we can find the problem..Ed _____ From: dlfrost_1
    Message 1 of 38 , Mar 16, 2005

      Thanks Dave, I’ll check into it.  But when I view my own email posts, they’re fine.  Surely we can find the problem….Ed 

      From: dlfrost_1 [mailto:dlfrost@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 5:08 AM
      To: hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] Material...coated or not?

      Ed Speer:  If it's possible to force auto-wrapping for all text in
      this group you might want to try that.  If the line length can be
      specified, set it to something above 75 characters--90 say--so it
      will leave already-formatted posts alone.  All of your posts here
      don't wrap (for me anyway) because the carrage returns come through
      as non-standard characters.  Something in your email settings perhaps.

      Doug Frost

    • Ronald H Levine 566-2112 after 4 pm week
      I have experimented and learned a few tricks that might help, but I don t know all of the answers. Tip #1 I use Outlook Express and notice that posts really
      Message 38 of 38 , Mar 18, 2005
        I have experimented and learned a few tricks
        that might help, but I don't know all of the

        Tip #1

        I use Outlook Express and notice that posts
        really get jumbled up when I save them to my
        drafts and then put it back on my screen to work
        on later. There is some invisible character
        that gets put into the text that has the
        equivalent function of a carriage return key of
        a typewriter which I mention for lack of knowing
        a better way to describe it. That sets the
        amount of characters on a line which can be
        adjusted by going to tools then options then send then settings ...
        and when that combines with whatever Yahoo is doing it really gets
        jumbled up.

        Tip #2

        Under mail sending format for plain text I select 48 characters per
        line. This gives a narrow text width that doesn't compete with the
        advertisement space on upper right of the web viewed Yahoo page and
        results from my viewing perspective with unbroken text lines not
        chopped up by Yahoo.

        Tip #3

        Sometimes, I do want to post something that I have saved to drafts or
        have sent before or would otherwise be messed up with the invisible
        control characters that can really jumble things up especially if you
        do some editing and more saving, etc. To remove all of those
        undesired invisible control characters, I have found a free web tool
        that performs very well and in just three mouse clicks the text is
        cleaned up. Try it for yourself:


        Tip #4

        I have found that after the initial 15 lines of 48 character line
        width, I can go to wider and my text becomes the shape of Utah being
        notched out in the top right just right for Yahoo's advertisement.


        The above results in clean posts and this one is an example, but I
        would prefer to find a way without having to jump through hoops due
        to Yahoo creating line width issues with their advertisement insert
        without solving that problem. If anyone knows how to do better then
        I sure would like to know. I invested too much time in figuring this
        much out -- those big Yahoo bullies.

        How does this text look?

        Ronald H Levine
        Midvale, Utah
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