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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: My third night in my Hennessy

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  • Ralph Oborn
    When I grt a moment, I m gonna try hanging an old (coleman) sleeping bag under my HH. I ll support it with an old mesh string hammock. Ralph
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 6, 2005
      When I grt a moment, I'm gonna try hanging an old (coleman) sleeping
      bag under my HH. I'll support it with an old mesh string hammock.


      On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 17:10:27 -0800 (PST), john hill <nil_dog@...> wrote:
      > Right about the bladder and right about keeping a pad in place too. I've
      > looked at the underquilt but they're just not in my budget yet. Maybe next
      > year. Anyway, I'm sold on hammock camping. Haven't had a rainy night yet
      > though but from what I've read it shouldn't be too much trouble.
      > jack_tier <jacktier@...> wrote:
      > Multiple trips to pee are a sign that your bladder is cool and
      > uncomfortable....notice that the warmest night you had the fewest
      > number of trips....pads are a bummer to keep positioned....If you
      > want warmth and hassle free comfort look at an underquilt...To be
      > upfront, I'm an owner, but www.jacksrbetter.com has a good answer.
      > Be sure to check the articles on the site, as there are a lot of
      > useful tips for hanging comfortable the year round, no matter how
      > you decide.
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "John F. Hill" <nil_dog@y...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Well, I've been working long hours the last couple of weeks so I
      > > haven't read my e-mail for a while. Had 230 messages from this
      > > group to go through when I opened up tonight. Looks like a lot of
      > > folks are trying the same thing. Here is a tale of my first three
      > > nights in my Hennessy.
      > >
      > > I spent my third night in my new Hennessy Expedition A-Sym
      > Saturday
      > > night the 24th of January at Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama on
      > a
      > > scout trip. We take this trip every year to maybe get the troops
      > a
      > > polar bear award for sleeping in a tent or under the stars in
      > below
      > > 19 degree temperatures.
      > >
      > > My first night in my hammock was in the back yard during the
      > > Christmas holidays figuring that if things got too bad I could
      > just
      > > head back inside. The temperature that night went to about 45
      > > degrees. I had been reading posts here and information elsewhere
      > on
      > > cold weather hammocking so I tried to use my fleece sleeping bag
      > as
      > > an insulator. I wore mid-weights that are supposed to be
      > comparable
      > > to Patagonia, heavy socks, and a toboggan (Thinsulate) (wool
      > cap).
      > > I used my Slumberjack 30 degree Thermolite mummy bag (backpacking
      > > bag – 2.5 pounds total weight) as a blanket but stuffing my legs
      > > down inside. I pulled the tarp edges down some to block out most
      > of
      > > the wind. I slept pretty warm and did pretty good except having
      > to
      > > make 4 trips to the head during the night. It was a job keeping
      > the
      > > fleece bag positioned but I did manage.
      > >
      > > The next night only went to about 55 degrees but I dressed the
      > same
      > > as before. This time I thought I'd try to use my blue foam
      > sleeping
      > > pad as a form for the fleece bag so maybe it'd stay in place which
      > > it did to a point. Since it was warmer I uncovered a bit but
      > still
      > > did well. Only had to make one trip to the head at 4:00 a.m. and
      > my
      > > wife was sitting up reading since she'd woken up and was trying to
      > > get drowsy again so I just stayed inside this time.
      > >
      > > Now for this last night – at Bucks Pocket. The weather forecast
      > was
      > > for a low of 25 degrees Saturday night so I thought I'd try again
      > > but I also set up my little 7x7 dome tent just in case. Along
      > about
      > > 6:00 p.m. the temperature was already in the upper 20s/lower 30s
      > so
      > > it looked like the weather folks blew another one. I slept in my
      > > not_Patagonias again, my scout pants, an acrylic sweater, a nylon
      > > pullover jacket (the kind that stuffs in its own pocket – from Old
      > > Navy), polypropylene liner socks, Boy Scout hiking socks, and my
      > > (Thinsulate) toboggan. I used my blue pad stuffed inside my
      > fleece
      > > bag and my 30 degree bag again. This time I pulled the tarp way
      > > down on the sides. This night I made 4 trips to the head again.
      > I
      > > started out being warm as toast. On the second trip to the head
      > my
      > > toes had started getting a little chilly so when I got back I put
      > on
      > > another pair of hiking socks and a pair of flannel or fleece
      > > sleeping pants. On my third trip I checked my thermometer and it
      > > was about 16 degrees (boy did the weather folks blow this one) and
      > > my toes were getting chilly again. I took a Stearns fishing rain
      > > jacket with a quilted lining I'd carried against the weather
      > > prediction of some rain, buttoned the front and put my feet back
      > in
      > > my sleeping bag and then inside the jacket. Warm again. Along
      > > about 6:00 a.m. another trip to the head was needed and my toes
      > were
      > > chilly again. I was too, starting to shiver – could of used maybe
      > a
      > > 20 degree bag or under my fleece bag instead of using it under
      > me.
      > > When I came back to the site some of the kids were stirring and so
      > > was one of the other adults so I just put my boots on and called
      > it
      > > a night, stirred up a fire, and started the coffee. The
      > temperature
      > > was at 13 degrees by now. I was kinda glad it was time to get up
      > > because I'd run out of things to put on. During the night the
      > wind
      > > was pretty active – 3 or 4 times it got my hammock rocking. I had
      > a
      > > 32 ounce Gatorade bottle for head calls but couldn't figure out
      > how
      > > to use it without getting half out of the hammock anyway so
      > decided
      > > against it and just used the trips to the bathhouse to rearrange
      > my
      > > pad and stuff. Maybe in the summer. Since then I realized I
      > could
      > > use a WalMart bag or a garbage bag to wrap my feet in for a few
      > more
      > > degrees. The wind really got up during the night too, about 4
      > times
      > > it got my hammock swinging. You could hear it coming.
      > >
      > > From this I learned that trying to keep a blue pad that's 20
      > inches
      > > wide under you when sleeping on your side is a real challenge and
      > > I'm going to have to do like others have said and make a wider
      > one.
      > > I'll have to add to the side at the upper end and trim to fit the
      > > hammock's shape but I'll need it at the feet as mine get cold (old
      > > legs = poor circulation?). Maybe use a space blanket that's
      > trimmed
      > > to fit (or just fold it up to fit). Then if it's way cold I can
      > use
      > > my fleece bag as a cover over my sleeping bag. One day I might be
      > > able to get a good down quilt that would be rated below 20 degrees
      > > or so and use that in extreme weather. I'm getting on in life,
      > > overweight, and way out of shape so carry weight is real important
      > > to me. The outcome of this might have been entirely different
      > also
      > > if the night was a damp or wet cold but I think it was a pretty
      > dry
      > > cold – maybe because of the wind - and therefore not as "cold".
      > > After this trip I'll probably use my hammock on all our outings
      > > where there are trees unless really cold weather is predicted.
      > >
      > > I didn't notice any condensation and from reading all the other
      > > posts it might be that I didn't because of my fleece bag or my
      > > not_patagonias. Anyway, I'm into hammocking now. I might buy a
      > > Byer cheapo for winter camping when you don't need a bug net and
      > use
      > > my Hennessy for bug weather although I'm sure the bug netting
      > helped
      > > keep it warmer inside. So many options.
      > >
      > > john
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