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Re: [Hammock Camping] Second Night

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  • Ralph Oborn
    JD, For more variability on more slack (Slakers R Us) try this. 1) Just lengthen the rope a touch. 2) Make an X frame from a couple of stout sticks (about 2
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 3, 2005
      JD, For more variability on more slack (Slakers R Us) try this.

      1) Just lengthen the rope a touch.

      2) Make an X frame from a couple of stout sticks (about 2 inches) make
      the cross at about 6 foot high to match the tree hanging height. Run
      guy lines into the ground to brace the frame.

      3) Rick (the master in all things hammock has a single stick solution
      that is worth trying.

      If you haven't already take a look at the spreadsheet in the files
      section which you can use to calculate the static load at various
      hanging angles.

      Of course the dynamic load can be much larger.


      On Thu, 03 Feb 2005 12:25:17 -0000, J.D. Hoessle <JD@...> wrote:
      > Good Morning!
      > First, Rick Said:
      > >You might want to take a look at my overlap pad, It keeps knees and
      > >shoulders much warmer than any other method I have found short of the
      > >WarmHammock.
      > Thanks for the feedback! Used that idea last night!
      > As mentioned, my first-ever night out, I used a 3/4 UL Thermarest AND
      > a full length CC blue foam pad in the "sleeve" / double bottom. That
      > worked except when I shifted and discovered the dreaded "Cold Spots".
      > Last night, temp hovered right at 32 F - WHAT A DIFFERENCE 10 DEGREES
      > MAKES...!!! I was HOT...!!! Zipped and unzipped my 5 degree bag a
      > dozen times. ***NOW*** I understand why everyone raves about a
      > QUILT...! No, I am not about to try THAT sewing adventure just yet,
      > Thank you very much...<g>... Perhaps Mr. Speer would be kind enough
      > to have one of his quilts for sale in Hot Springs? -<Hint! Hint!>-
      > Comfort: I am not quite there yet. Slept soundly for 4 hours; but,
      > woke up with back & legs aching a bit again.
      > Per suggestions here (THANK YOU ALL!), I had a third blue foam
      > "sit-pad" directly under my bag at 90 degrees. Length of blue foam
      > was too long at 36 inches; but, that did allow me to twist & turn onto
      > my side now and then.
      > Mr. Garlington was kind to point out that I may have it strung too
      > taut. Have not had time to build a stand nor do I have optimally
      > placed trees out back and I am too old to wait for new trees to grow.
      > For whomever suggested it: "Yes, I had to reinforce the storage
      > shed...<g>..."
      > But, I believe that I now understand the "sleeping slightly diagonal"
      > and "sweet spot" that you all mention. I believe that rigging a stand
      > and futzing with the "sag" will allow me to sleep thru the night.
      > Rick also mentions having my head LOWER than my feet.... OK, I will
      > try that too.
      > Rain & sleet expected today. No tarp yet; so, I will have to cut thru
      > my Gordian Knots and wait another day or two...
      > Thanks!
      > Happy Trails,
      > J.D.
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