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Re: [Hammock Camping] Klondike OFFTOPIC

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  • Ralph Oborn
    For our Klondike, it got down below 0°. 150 scouts and leaders, Snow caves and other innovative shelters, but no hammocks. (I chickened out). Four kids were
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2005
      For our Klondike, it got down below 0°. 150 scouts and leaders, Snow
      caves and other innovative shelters, but no hammocks. (I chickened
      out). Four kids were taken home during the night. I blame the leaders
      for not preparing their kids for the experience.

      Zip me an Email off line and I'll show pictures and our games.

      Ralph in Pocatello.

      On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 23:17:13 -0500, Steve Joiner <joiners@...> wrote:
      > Funny story Greg! Here in the south, our goal is to give the scouts a
      > 'polar bear' experience - one where the temps never go over 32 degrees in a
      > 24 hr period - not much opp'ty for a Klondike. We were on top of Shining
      > Rock Mtn 2 weekends ago. Somewhere south of 0 Sun morning, w/ ~30+mph
      > wind...brrrr! Unfortunately, I haven't figured out my hammock for under 10
      > degrees or so - so left it home. My dog and I spent the night in a BD
      > Betamid. Everyone did fine.... except one boy (17 yo Eagle Scout!), who for
      > some reason, didn't put on gloves Sun morning while packing up. We (the
      > adults) didn't really pay attention - were more concerned about the 13 yo on
      > his 1st backpacking trip, and getting our own gear packed up so we could
      > start walking and warm up. By the time we got started on the trail, we
      > realized he had frostbitten fingers. He was proudly displaying his black
      > fingers last night at the troop meeting - four frostbitten fingers (back to
      > the first knuckle) on his right hand!
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      > From: gregg [mailto:gspoerin@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 10:37 PM
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      > Subject: [Hammock Camping] Klondike
      > This past weekend, My son's troop went on the district Klondike Camporee.
      > Now as a bit of background, since I have gotten into hammocks, the kids have
      > been used to seeing me or my son in any number of different hammocks, from a
      > Hennessy to homemade Speers to various lightweight double bottom hammocks
      > ala Rick.
      > Several other troop members, both adults and kids have bought or made
      > hammocks after seeing ours.
      > However....
      > I was surprised to have one of the boys come up to me with a Hennessy, a big
      > smile on his face, saying it was a Christmas present. "I'm gonna sleep in it
      > tonight!" He said.
      > Now we were standing in about a foot of snow, temps were hovering about 23*
      > and it was just beginning to drop for the night. I started in with my best
      > leader speech about how cold weather hammocking is a different animal
      > altogether, how the air under the hammock would chill him much more than
      > sleeping on the snow with a pad, and maybe it would be best to try the
      > hammock out in the spring.
      > He smiled and said for me not to worry, he had a pad, and was ready for the
      > cold.
      > I again gave my speech, this time emphasizing the relative inefficiency of a
      > single pad at temps under 20 without additional measures. He was undaunted.
      > "Look at my pad", he said.
      > This kid had brought a pad that was gargantuan by hammock standards- about
      > 4" thick, maybe 25x 72", with a cloth cover on it. It was a pad from his
      > patio furniture.
      > I relented, and told him to go for it.
      > A minute later he discovered that he had forgotten his tree huggers........
      > Gregg
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