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Re: [Hammock Camping] Anger as motivation

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  • Ralph Oborn
    You might want to consider bracing the shed! :] Ralph
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2005
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      You might want to consider bracing the shed! :]


      On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 17:03:20 -0000, J.D. Hoessle <JD@...> wrote:
      > Ta! Da!
      > Had a couple of appointments cancel on me, got angry, frustrated - and
      > took it out on this ZHammock project. Just tired of pussy footing
      > around and I really am better at this than I think... How else have I
      > been able to stay on the trail (pre-hammock, of course) for weeks at a
      > time..?!?!? Told myself: "Get On With It...!"
      > Knew I had poly cord around here somewhere! Tore into a closet and
      > found enough poly cord AND some old webbing from...??? Dog leash,
      > car-top carrier....?
      > Bunched up the ripstop (with the non-Zig-Zag "somewhat straight
      > stitching"), tied some-kind of knots, and headed for the back yard.
      > There's ONE big 3 foot diameter Sugar Maple (WEED!) and a storage shed
      > that are 25 - 30 feet apart. Big screw hook in the shed and a piece
      > of rope. Looped another old rope over the Sugar Maple. Hung the
      > Zhammock and made ONE adjustment!
      > Testing it VERY gently, I pulled out some the shed siding (!!!!); so,
      > another screw hook thru the siding and into a stud. At least, I think
      > it was part of the frame - may have been that old chest of drawers
      > inside... Who cares, I'm still pretty angry.
      > Tucked my 3/4 Thermarest into the "sleeve" AND a brand new CC full
      > length blue foam.
      > It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood! Mid-30's F, bright
      > sunshine, no wind, snow on the ground. I am now snow blinded; but,
      > just sat down on it, pulled my feet up and laid there for 20 - 30
      > minutes. Did not hear any stitches nor ripstop tearing. That's a
      > good sign, right?
      > My Wonder Dogs were wondering "What-in-the....?" 55 pound SkyDog
      > joined me in the Zhammock and then 90 pound MollyDog had to put the
      > front half of her body in my lap too....<g>...
      > I am 172 lbs. plus 55 plus .5 X 90 ~~ 272 pounds and still no
      > stitches-fabric-tearing sounds. Definitely good sign, right?
      > Forecast is for the low 20's tonight. 5 degree bag, fleece tops &
      > bottoms, a super-duty GoLite parka (The "midnight" something...?) as
      > top quilt.
      > Let's see how cold my butt gets tonight!
      > Thanks for your patience & suggestions, Rick! And, everyone else too!
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