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Re: Hammock Camping Digest Number 59

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  • colonelcorn76 <colonelcorn76@yahoo.com>
    ... final reply ... when I ... Depots. ... While that s *technically* correct, it s not likely with a product like this. The local differences have to do with
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2003
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, nafister@u... wrote:
      > He scratched
      > his head and said no they didn't have anything like that. His
      final reply
      > was 'not all Home Depot stores carry the same items.' So, if and
      when I
      > get up around Chicago area, I will check out some other Home
      > Nancy

      While that's *technically* correct, it's not likely with a product
      like this. The local differences have to do with the needs of the
      local market and thing like insulation are generic. Reflectix is
      used to wrap ducts (heating & cooling) or for lining attics (to keep
      the heat out down south and keep the heat in up north). The stuff
      that's not the same is usually seasonal or cabinetry items.

      You likely got the stock answer we would give when we couldn't find
      anything (long long ago in a galaxy far away I used to work in a
      supermarket) or didn't want to bother looking for it. That way it
      looks like it's "corporate's" problem and not because he didn't want
      to be helpful. They get points for helpfulness (monthly awards,
      etc.) so they will try or at least make it look like they're trying
      even when it's out of their dept.

      I'll stop by again tonight and get the SKU and other defining
      numbers and post it. Then you can call your local HD and say I'm
      looking for "....." and they can look it up in their computer and
      tell you whether they have it, how much is in stock, and where it's
      found in the store.

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