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Re: Trip to Shining Rock

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  • ghman777
    I was recently up at SR myself. My fav place to go. I use a regular hammock with a Speer Pea Pod. Had my wife sew 2 velcro strips length wise inside the Pod
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 29, 2004
      I was recently up at SR myself. My fav place to go. I use a regular
      hammock with a Speer Pea Pod. Had my wife sew 2 velcro strips length
      wise inside the Pod for a down quilt to stay in place for winter.
      That setup with a top quilt will keep me snug with a single layer of
      clothing. With the way winter weather is on the Rock, I also carry a
      blue foam pad cut to form for the inside if needed, or.. then I could
      put the setup on the ground along with my 8X10 for those extreme
      artic express surprises up there. Gotta love it!

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <joiners@b...> wrote:
      > Hi, all. I came back from a trip to Shining Rock with my 14 yo son
      > and some friends - have posted a few pics in the 'Steve' folder. I
      > have a few observations and a couple of questions....
      > We started at Daniel Boon Scout Camp on the northwest corner of the
      > wilderness area, hiked ~6 miles up ~2,600 feet to Shining Rock
      > Took about 4 hours. Got there just at dusk. Set up camp in a
      > meadow at the top of Shining Rock mtn. Evidently one of several
      > terraces put on the top of the mtn as a part of logging operations
      > hundred years ago. Beautiful view of Cold Mtn as the sun was
      > setting... We could have camped at a more sheltered area off the
      > ridge, but chose to stay on top of the mtn in the meadow because of
      > the view....
      > My son and I both hung HH - he has the coccoon, i have the asym bp
      > ultralite. We used a target blue pad and thermarest 3/4 pads for
      > padding. I used my homemade quilt and silk liner, my son used his
      > 20 degree bag as a quilt. We both had on several layers of
      > clothing. We generally stayed warm - temps Sat am were in the low
      > 20's, wind gusted to 20 or 30 mph during the night - stronger in
      > morning after daybreak. I've been watching the discussions about
      > the underquilts with a lot of interest - may try to tackle making a
      > couple this winter.... I had over 2 lbs of padding in my pack
      > weight of ~25 for the 3 day weekend) - could probably take out over
      > a pound with a down underquilt... The JRB product looks great -
      > a little out of my price range right now...
      > We didn't hang the tarp from a separate ridgeline as many of you
      > have suggested. When we set up Fri evening, there was no wind, so
      > didn't worry about it. The wind picked up during the night, and I
      > regretted it. My tarp flapping kept me awake some - but not enough
      > to encourage me to get up in the cold and fiddle with it! I had
      > brought rope to run a separate ridgeline for it, and regretted not
      > doing so.... Even with the tarp flapping, I slept well - going
      > at about 10, staying in bed until 9, and woke with no pressure
      > points, etc - SOP for hammock sleeping!
      > Weather turned on us Saturday. Late in the week, rain had been
      > taken out of the forecast, and I took 2 8x10 tarps out of our
      > packs. NOAA weather told us Sat am that a good bit of rain was
      > headed our way... I regretted taking out the tarps.. We hiked
      > Cold Mtn, over Staircase mtn, across The Narrows, and down to Deep
      > Gap. Deep Gap put us at the base of Cold Mtn, about 3 miles and
      > ft from where we planned to camp. We were also at the trailhead to
      > Dan Boone Camp... Group decided that we'd prefer to hike in the
      > rain down to the truck (temps were in the 30's) rather than up the
      > mtn to set up camp in the rain... We hiked the 2,600 ft and 5 or 6
      > miles down to the truck in drizzle for an hour or so, and heavy
      > for an hour or so...
      > My takeaways / questions:
      > 1) we were able to stay warm in rather extreme conditions with
      > quilts, padding (and 'toe warmers' between a couple of layers of
      > socks!), and several layers of clothing.
      > 2) I have yet to be able to tighten the tarp on the HH while using
      > the standard setup, with the tarp attached to the HH ridgeline. Am
      > I doing something wrong here? Does everyone use a separate
      > ridgeline for the kind of conditions we had?
      > 3) If we had decided to camp on Sat night on the top of Cold Mtn
      > without a larger tarp, I think we'd have been in trouble. Temps in
      > the low 30's, wind gusting to 30+ mph, and heavy rain. While we
      > would have been in a more sheltered campsite, I don't think the
      > standard HH tarp would have kept us dry, even with a separate
      > ridgeline..... Does anyone have experience otherwise?
      > Thanks!
      > Steve
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