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Re: Hennessey Modification

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  • dlfrost_1
    ... location. ... to be ... the ... Actually, I ... rope, a ... could ... at the ... deny it. ... Welcome to the group, Dave. Yes, I have a line at each end
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 13, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Dave Bellinski
      <dave.bellinski@o...> wrote:
      > My problem was getting my head and shoulders back into the proper
      > I couldn't get a grip to push/slide myself toward the top. (You had
      to be
      > there). I guess I could have stepped out, stood up, and re-entered
      > hammock, but the ground was a bit soggy under the leaf cover.
      Actually, I
      > didn't think of that till now, isn't hind-sight great.
      > I'd like to know, if anyone has ever rigged up a short length of
      rope, a
      > "haul strap", attached at the inside head of the hammock, that you
      > grab and reposition yourself and/or your pad. Perhaps another strap
      at the
      > foot end, to help us senior citizens into a standing position.
      > If this is a great idea, I'd like some royalties, if stupid, I'll
      deny it.
      > Any thoughts?

      Welcome to the group, Dave. Yes, I have a line at each end of my
      Hennessey with a loop in it for hauling. Using a line leaves one
      hand free for holding a pad in place or pulling it along with you.
      Note that some pads--like the Ozark Trail egg crate--don't like to
      slide much at all. (I use a ThermaRest Prolite in summer.)

      For colder weather you might consider making your own "Speer style"
      hammock like other folks here have done. Top entry hammocks are
      eaiser to adapt to under-insulation systems. It's also easier to
      adjust everything since you can just pop out and move stuff around,
      and because you have ready access to everything inside. (The cold-
      season one I'm making has a free-hanging bug net with no velcro.)

      Doug Frost
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