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Re: My Simple Hammock Hints...And My Underquilt Problem....

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  • JackWMyers
    Just out of curiosity, where all did you post this? I ve seen it on Whiteblaze, Hiking HQ, Yahoo, and Backpacking Lightweight. Anywhere else? Are there some
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2004
      Just out of curiosity, where all did you post this? I've seen it on
      Whiteblaze, Hiking HQ, Yahoo, and Backpacking Lightweight. Anywhere
      else? Are there some other good resources?


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <selms@c...> wrote:
      > Hello all...just thought Id post a couple things that I do with my
      > Hennessy Hammock, to make life in a hammock a tad bit easier....
      > 1. I have placed a wrap of silver duct tape on the "foot" end of
      > hammock main line. Since I have snakeskins for the hammock, this
      > allows me to determine right away (without unravelling the
      > snakeskins) which end of the hammock is which.
      > 2. I use 2 small carabiners hung inside the hammock on the ridge
      > line. This allows me to hang my flashlight(s), socks, etc and
      > easilly unhook them, or slide them up and down the ridgeline. The
      > hammock comes with 2 clasps but I find they are too small to work
      > properly.
      > 3. I purchased an oversized Hex shaped fly for the hammock. The fly
      > is made by Hennessy and fits on any of the hammocks. It is
      > considerably larger than the standard fly that comes with the
      > hammock (Expedition Asym Model). It allows enough room underneath
      > sit, stand, cook, change, etc. It also fits inside the snakeskins
      > I dont have to take the tarp off to wrap up the hammock in the
      > 4. I replaced all of the guy-lines on the fly with reflective guy-
      > lines (bought 50 feet for 5 bucks). I was always walking into the
      > guy-lines and pulling them out of the ground, especially at night.
      > 5. I bought 2 expandable poles (10 bucks each) that allow me to
      > raise one side or the center of each side of the fly. It provides a
      > better view out of the hammock and creates a sort of awning.
      > 6. I measured the exact center of the hammock and marked it with a
      > wrap of silver duct tape. I then placed a line level on that mark
      > I can determine right away if the hammock is level or not. I leave
      > the level on the hammock, even when I wrap it up in the snakeskins.
      > 7. I have tied a prusic knot on the end of each side of the hammock
      > (main line). This allows me to hang a carabiner or two from each
      > knot, and hang all my gear. I can slide the knot up or down the
      > mainline, and either underneath or outside of the fly.
      > 8. The Hex fly I purchased has a number of tie-out points on it. It
      > makes it difficult to find which loop goes where. I colour coded
      > 2 main tie-outs with...you guessed it....silver duct tape. This
      > allows me to quickly find the points of the fly that I need to
      > attach to the fly-tensioners.
      > 9. I have pre-tied several knots in the shock-corded anti-sway
      > from the hammock. This allows me to quickly adjust the angle at
      > which I stake out the lines (making the hammock fuller, or more
      > swayish- if that is a word...)
      > 10. I use a small piece of an old plastic tarp as a ground cover
      > underneath the hammock. It is about 2 feet by 2 feet and provides
      > just enough room to stand on and get in and out of the hammock.
      > These are all things that took no more than about 15 minutes total
      > to put together. I personally find that they all make the hammock
      > experience even more enjoyable and easy.
      > Just thought I'd share....
      > Enjoy!
      > Oh ya, regarding my home-made underquilt....Well I didn't need it
      > for this past trip as the temperatures never got below 10 degrees
      > Celsius (weird for Ontario). Also I had a tough time rigging up a
      > suspension system for underneath. I think the problem was that
      > underquilt was square and the hammock is not. I think I will try
      > cutting the fleece to fit the hammock's shape and suspending it
      > shock-cord at points along the hammock.....Ill keep you posted!
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