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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Air matteress -Here's what I was thinking /Opinions welcome

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Hi Pete, I hope others will respond also as it is always nice to see what others think about any idea. I use a Speer Hammock and may lay deeper into it than
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 25, 2004
      Hi Pete, I hope others will respond also as it is
      always nice to see what others think about any idea.
      I use a Speer Hammock and may lay deeper into it than
      you might with some other style of Hammock such as a
      HH. That is only a guess about the HH as I have never
      been in one. The way the Speer is made you have a lot
      of side area or Hammock wrap around. In the Speer
      hammock I still am below the top of the side material.
      The pictures of me in the Hammock with the Air
      Mattress should show this. I have had no problem with
      what you refer to as "lift up" and I know what you are
      talking about. I have a very old hammock that when I
      put the air mattress in it and got in, it flipped me
      out. The extra 3" height of the air mattress I think
      caused the center of gravity to change and caught me
      by surprise as I was suddenly proving that old law of

      The Down inside an Air Mattress even with you on it
      can still loft because the air in the mattress keeps
      the Down from being compressed. This is mainly for
      colder weather and is a much better insulator than
      most other things being used. I have always said
      staying warm in a Hammock is a matter of "R" value.
      Ed's book has a great chapter on this subject.

      There are a lot of ways to get the "R" value you need
      to stay warm and the Down Air Mattress (DAM) is just
      one of them. FOR ME and we are all different, I think
      the DAM is much easier to deal with. My goal is a
      set-up that is as simple and as light as possible but
      still keep me nice and warm down to 20 degrees or so.
      Colder than that I think I would stay in a shelter or
      a tent but maybe not.

      I am not sure what the air tubes you are talking about
      are, but I think you are using them like a gasket.
      They should work to keep an air pocket open. What are
      you using for the outer cover or bottom of this. What
      are you using for insulation to help the trapped air
      stay warm? I don't think your trapped air will have a
      very high "R" value. I have though about something
      like I think you want to try but I would throw a few 8
      or 12 hour chemical Heat Packs into the air pocket to
      help the air get warm. I haven't tried this but have
      thought a lot about it. I am not sure how it would
      work trying to heat the air as a stand alone
      insulation but it is an interesting question. I am
      sure your idea will work and it will be interesting to
      see how low a temp. it will work to. The first of
      anything I make is just to give me a base line to work
      from. Get your first one done as soon as you can and
      test it. Then you will be able to adjust from it to
      get where you want to go. It might take a couple to
      get as low a temp as you want but the first ones
      should also be good for milder/cooler weather.

      I went in the Down Air Mattress direction to stay warm
      in my Hammock last year because I couldn't sew very
      well. I have gotten to where I can sew OK and I
      expect at some point I will have a Bivy type thing
      that is a combination DAM/Sleeping Bag that will go
      into my Hammock or may even be the Hammock. Simple,
      light and cheap.

      There were a lot of folks working on this last winter
      and came up with a lot of things that work. We are
      about to go into the second winter on the quest to
      make something that will keep us warm in our Hammocks.
      I expect this year we will see things getting more
      simple and more efficient. I have really enjoyed
      reading and looking at all the ideas being tried. I
      expect the "Do-it-yourself-ers" to lead the way on
      this as it is easy for us to try a lot of different
      ideas quickly and discard those that don't seem to
      work as well as we want.

      Bill in Texas

      --- petehoppo <petehoppo@...> wrote:

      > Thanks Bill
      > I was talking about either
      > Firstly I was thinking that lying on the mattress
      > would lift you up
      > which would mean less wrap around on the sides which
      > would mean less
      > support ans shelter
      > Secondly I thought it would crush the mattress
      > resulting in less
      > insulation
      > But what I was really wondering was why you would
      > need down inside an
      > air mattress
      > It was my understanding that down is used to loft up
      > and create space
      > inside a bag to trap air form moving around
      > Inside an air mattress the air pressure creates the
      > space and the
      > plastic stops the air from escaping
      > What I was thinking of doing was to put a silnylon
      > outer sleeve on the
      > hammock which was bigger than the hammock base and
      > then slide three
      > long inflatable tubes (made from heat sealed plastic
      > like they make
      > for kitesurfing kites)inside 2 up near the top and 1
      > on the bottom to
      > keep the outer sleeve away from the inner hammock
      > base
      > I guess its like the garlington insulator but more
      > well sealed and
      > would create more space in the insulating layer
      > Just a thought but would appreciate feedback
      > Thanks
      > Pete
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Bill
      > Fornshell
      > <bfornshell@y...> wrote:
      > > I received an off-line email about using a Air
      > > Mattress (my home-made air-mattress or the
      > > Stephenson's Down Air Mattress I own I am not
      > sure).
      > > I sent a reply but it was not delivered and
      > returned.
      > > This is my answer and I hope it gets to the person
      > who
      > > asked the question.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi P..., Which air mattress are we talking about?
      > My
      > > home made one or the Stephenson's Down Air
      > Mattress?
      > >
      > > Did you see the pictures of the air mattress in
      > the
      > > hammock? Are you asking if the air mattress would
      > > provide any insulating value under the hammock
      > such as
      > > an under-quilt would? If the Down Air Mattress -
      > DAM
      > > (I will assume we are talking about a DAM,
      > home-made
      > > or the Stephenson's) was in a second bottom sleeve
      > of
      > > some type and your body weight was pressed against
      > it,
      > > it should work. If it was just hanging below the
      > > hammock and you had an air pocket between you and
      > the
      > > air mattress it should do something but I am not
      > sure
      > > what as I have never tried this. Why don't you
      > want
      > > to lay on the air mattress in the hammock?
      > > Bill in Texas
      > >
      > > P..... Wrote:
      > > Sorry Bill
      > > I just noticed you posted the pics in the photo
      > > section
      > > Do you think it would work just as well under the
      > > hammock?
      > > P....

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