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Re: [Hammock Camping] Bug shirt for hammock

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  • Debra Weisenstein
    Jonas, I did not reinforce the drawtube opening. I originally intended to fold a small hem at the opening, but due to a sewing error ended up just punching a
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2004
      Jonas, I did not reinforce the drawtube opening. I originally
      intended to fold a small hem at the opening, but due to a sewing error
      ended up just punching a hold in the netting for the drawcord. No
      problems yet. Your idea for a 10 foot tube seems reasonable, but I
      suspect that a drawcord around the hammock ends may leave enough of a
      hole to admit a few bugs. Not sure about this - let us know when you
      try it. I made mine tapered at the end and sealed it with velcro. I
      use an elastic drawcord for a better seal around a sleeping bag and so
      that I can pull it up and down without moving the drawstring. I think
      non-elastic cord would be better in your case. I would also be
      concerned about reaching the hammock end from inside the hammock to
      seal the 2nd end of the tube, but maybe you're a better gymnast than
      I. Good luck with the project.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, jonas4321@j... wrote:
      > DebW-
      > Thanks for the pics. I have been contemplating bug nets for my
      > ZHammock-style hammocks, and you are halfway to what I was
      considering. I
      > am not interested in saving weight at this time, I can always change
      > tactics if I ever do become weight conscious. I want complete coverage,
      > top and bottom. I'd like to avoid Permethrin on the hammock fabric if
      > possible (never liked putting chemicals so close to my skin for
      > periods, no matter what the absorption tests claim).
      > I was wondering if anyone had thought of/tried this and if anyone senses
      > obstacles.
      > I am thinking of making a long "tube" of noseeum, made out of 10' of
      > wide mesh (from mosquitonetting.com). Sew the long edges together into a
      > 58" "wide" tube that would be slid over the hammock before it is hung. A
      > cord tied between the hanging straps (and inside the tube) would provide
      > a ridgeline to hold the mesh up over the hammock.
      > At each end of the mesh tube, sew a channel for a drawstring (probably
      > not elastic) so that the openings in the "tube" could be closed. Start
      > out with the foot end of the tube drawn closed, then slide the open end
      > up over me once I was in the hammock, then draw it closed, too.
      > Does your elastic drawcord work well with the bug net material? Is there
      > a need to reinforce the openings where the cord exits the channel
      (like a
      > buttonhole)?
      > Thanks again for the pics- they really helped me visualize my ideas.
      > J
      > On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 02:26:47 -0000 "Debra Weisenstein" <dweisens@a...>
      > writes:
      > > Hello all. Just posted some pictures of my current hammock bug net
      > > design under "DebW's Photos" on this list. I discussed this a few
      > > months ago but finally got some pictures of myself in it. This is
      > > a
      > > tube of netting that slides over the top half of the hammock.
      > > Velco
      > > seal around the hammock strap and a short velco section to allow
      > > the
      > > ridgeline to pass out. Elastic drawcord around the waist to seal
      > > around the middle of the hammock.
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