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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Attaching hanging line to hammock

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  • jonas4321@juno.com
    I just finished a test double-bottom hammock using Risk s ZHammock design (it was a test hammock because it used a piece of fabric that was 2 too short, so
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      I just finished a "test" double-bottom hammock using Risk's ZHammock
      design (it was a test hammock because it used a piece of fabric that was
      2' too short, so the finished hammock is 1' too short - it'll be great
      for my 5'4" daughter). Risk, it's a great design- I'll be using a
      full-length pad, and it was a cinch to install the pad by rolling it up,
      inserting it then unrolling it between the layers.

      I have been reading the discussion about end knots, whipping, and lately
      the double sheet bend. I don't have any rope of known strength to test
      with, so I just used the webbing from my old hammock.

      The double sheet bend has got to be the easiest and most elegant approach
      I have read about. I folded over the end 4", turned it over and tied a
      double sheet bend using webbing. It held up great through the two dozen
      or so get-in, get-out testings - I couldn't detect any slippage.
      Obviously, long-term testing is necessary, but I can't see how it could
      slip. Like any bend, the more tension you put on it, the tighter it
      holds. The double wrap really helps keep the knot together when it's not
      under tension (a problem with the single sheet bend). It seems likely
      that this knot could always be untied if needed (for washing the hammock,
      for example), no matter how long it had been used.


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