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Re: [Hammock Camping] Pics of my latest hammock system and trip

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  • Mirage
    ... I do detach them. If you do the knot, more like a wrap, it s not a problem to detach. ... Correct. ... Yes. ... 10-12 on the hang lines. No idea on the
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 7, 2004
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "rambler4466" <rambler4466@h...>

      > Ditto, Rick, I realize that what I thought was hanging webbing
      > was actually your tree huggers, therefore my previous question
      > about "detaching" the hanging webbing which would be difficult since
      > the knot gets so tightly pulled.

      I do detach them. If you do the knot, more like a wrap, it's not a problem to detach.

      > I also realize what I thought to
      > be separate line tied around the wrapped up hammock and tarp must be
      > your hanging lines.


      >I assume, too, the prusick knot is moveable so
      > the bugg netting tension can be adjusted.


      >Is your hanging line 15'
      > and what is the weight savings using 3/32 line?

      10-12' on the hang lines. No idea on the weight savings. Rick is testing out the 3/32

      > The line must be
      > less bulky than webbing.

      Yes, that is why I went back to lines and huggers.

      > Do you not use any sort of hoop-support
      > for the front end circle of the skin opening?

      No. due to the taper, then hem is the only securing needed.

      > BTW Having first
      > replied here that double-laring a hammock would not be necessary, I
      > put together a ZHammock with your help. It is light and really
      > holds the pads flatter than my Speer which is also wider. One more
      > question. Did you previously use the full width of the bug netting
      > (the one weighted with coins or gear pockets)and have you now cut it
      > shorter on the width?

      This seems to be directed at Rick, correct? My bugnetting is full width, but Rick is the
      one with the quarters/pockets in his design.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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