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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: BUG PROTECTION

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  • jonas4321@juno.com
    Here is a good web site on Permethrin: http://www.travmed.com/trip_prep/insect_permethrin.htm Pyrethrin is made from flowers, Permethrin is man-made. From
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004
      Here is a good web site on Permethrin:
      Pyrethrin is made from flowers, Permethrin is man-made.
      From everything I have read, it appears that Permethrin is the right stuff to apply to hammock and netting materials.
      On Tue, 03 Aug 2004 22:40:58 -0000 "neptuneuu" <neptunebeach@...> writes:
      > I'm increasingly confused by the Permethrin discussion. 
      > on the web, I had seen a site, us.mil domain I think, that
      > that Permethrin used on clothing must be of the type
      > designed for that use, so that the carrier substance was
      > to sticking the active ingredient on to fibers, and
      that the type
      > intended for agricultural use would do little good on
      clothing, just
      > wash away.  If there are any technical
      experts out there, please
      > help dispell this fog.  I've heard from
      ex-mil friends that they
      > used to use kits of liquid Permethrin with a
      large plastic bag to
      > soak a set of clothing in, then removed and let
      dry after a good
      > soak.  The web site I saw (now lost,
      unfortunately) indicated that
      > mil was now using an industrial scale
      large batch treatment method,
      > partially to avoid soldier
      exposure to the liquid permethrin. 
      > does anyone
      > 1. are all permethrin solutions equal when using on
      > 2. what level of concentration should be used (Sawyer and
      > consumer products seem to use 0.5% solution, yard-intended
      > treatments from Ortho is 2.5%)?
      > 3. Is there a cost-saving
      source of clothing compatible permethrin?
      > I have a
      family-sized set of clothes to treatplus tents, hammocks,
      > etc, so I
      hate to pay $7-8 per set of clothes or equivalent. I'd
      > easily spend
      $100 treating evverything I'd like to.
      > Thanks in advance for
      the expertise
      > Rick in FL
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